Whether you have a dedicated meeting planner on staff, or this function is managed off the side of someone’s desk, you’re getting the impression that this necessary item isn’t receiving the attention it needs.

When you’re transporting staff from numerous points on the compass, attempting to synchronize arrivals and departures to suit everyone’s schedule, it can make your meeting planner crazy.  And then there are all the changes to plans that inevitably come.

And the crazy looms large when you’re talking about hundreds of people. 

Itineraries for travel, room blocks to book with intransigent vendors, food to organize, break out sessions to schedule, power point presentations, hospitality suite, team building, client presentations, excursions and on and on it goes.

That’s a lot to accomplish off the side of your desk, while you’re juggling other competing priorities.

ITG – the Outsourced Solution

Your staff only has so much capacity.  Foisting the meeting planning function on one of them is a great way for whoever that is to have an experience of managing a complex project.

It’s also a great way to make an in-house enemy!

ITG is the outsourced solution which spares your staff, while liaising with key people to accomplish a hitch-free external meeting or conference.

With 20 years’ experience in the business, we’ve seen it all.  We don’t bat an eye at changes or get flustered by all the fine details involved in planning.

We’ve done it before, for many companies just like yours.

We act as extension of your staff, taking on your plans as though they were our own, while honoring your meeting objectives and managing every aspect of planning.

A Better Deal

Two decades in the business of meeting planning means we leverage long-term relationships with vendors to save you money – on rooms, on meals, on excursions, on travel.  We get you there for less, because we know the ropes and the vendors. 

We know exactly which string to pull to get you where you want to be at the price that’s right for you.

ITG may be an outsourced solution, but we work in your company’s interest to get you a better deal.

Meeting Planners and More

We’re not about to tell you that we leap tall buildings in a single bound, but we come pretty close!  Meetings are just one of the many functions we can accomplish for you.  With a focus on incentives that motivate and inspire your people, we create programs that delve into the fondest desires of your employees, to tease out what they’re dreaming of.

Then we create winning incentives that light the fires in their bellies to increase productivity, engagement and retention.

ITG brings you meeting planning and incentive management professionalism that builds on your knowledge and culture to establish incentives as one of the many reasons you’re the company to work for.

Incentive Travel Experts

Don’t make your staff crazy with meeting planning.  Put it in our capable hands.  Experience unruffled meeting planning focus that takes the “ouch” out of the whole affair.  Contact us.

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