Traveling all over the world has become more realistic and manageable for many people, especially budget-wise. With the rise of transportation, accommodation and attractions for every budget, going to a dream destination and creating your dream vacation is now easier, if you know how and where to look for good rates from quality suppliers.

If you’re in business, this scenario offers another reason to invest in a travel incentive program for the organization. Instead of offering cold cash, offering travel as a reward or incentive has been proven to be more effective in driving employee motivation and strengthening their sense of loyalty. Studies have also shown that the gift of travel — an experience of a lifetime — can make employees feel sincerely appreciated, compared to simply handing them out a financial bonus.

Just like any other incentives program, the success of your incentive trip depends on your strategy. To kick things off, you might want to start with your choice of travel themes and incentive travel destinations for your next trip.

Experience Ecotourism.

Perhaps the people in your team are the types who would appreciate a chance to relax and have fun, while contributing to the protection of the environment. Or perhaps they’re a bit clueless about topics such as climate change, so the trip can be an eye-opener. Activities may include a trip to the farmer’s market, planting or cooking organic food workshop, or low-carbon footprint activities such as biking or hiking.

Pave way for Adventure.

If your team is young and up for thrills, an adrenaline - pumped itinerary will be greatly appreciated. Aside from being energizing and fun, activities in these types of trips offer an opportunity for your members to build team spirit and shared memories that can strengthen company culture.

Offer an Excuse to be Chill and Still.

If the previous week or quarter was hectic, or if your industry is just naturally highly stressful and demanding, then a lazy cruise down a beautiful river sounds like a fitting escapade. It can be an internationally famous body of water, or a river near you. Aside from the view, a river cruise may also offer entertainment and a mouthwatering selection of food and drinks.

The good old Hawai’i Holiday.

Sometimes, there’s no need to be innovative, sophisticated or far-out with your travel ideas. Classic travel themes, specifically a beach holiday, is simple, no-fuss and high-impact. Now, Hawaii is just a peg; you can patronize any beach of your choiceas long as it’s clean, safe and it comes with more than decent accommodations.

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