An incentive travel program can help your organization achieve its different goals, ranging from boosting employee loyalty and morale to increasing sales. However, even the most well-designed and properly implemented programs will entail the investment of a sizeable amount of resources, including time, money and effort.

In order to get the best returns on your investments, incentive travel companies have these suggestions.

Once the travel incentive program has ended, things do not have to go back to normal. You can use this as an opportunity to boost the morale of the winners by allowing them to bask in the spotlight of their success. Use available company resources like the company newsletter and intranet site to give program winners an additional pat on the back.

Make your incentive program an opportunity for the winners to gain access to your top managers, either in a one-on-one session or through group meetings.

Create opportunities for program winners to share their best practices with other members of your organization. It can be as simple as creating an online forum for all employees or a written list published on your company newsletter.

Once the program concludes for the year, take the time to speak with the top performers and ask them what would allow them to elevate their performance to a higher level. It would also be worthwhile to inquire how the incentive program has impacted their work.

A lot of employees will certainly be enticed by the promise of going to an exotic travel location. However, to gain more mileage from your program, make sure to put ample focus on providing winners with a memorable experience which they will cherish for the years to come.

Apart from showing recognition to top performers, each member of the organization should be able to recognize the actual impact of the action of the program winners, including the financial aspect.

Simply put, your top performers won't achieve astounding results without the aid of their support teams. Find ways to give recognition to these employees.

In designing and planning the incentive program, you need to take into account your company culture and values. This will help make program participants feel that they are truly part of your company.

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