A little “piratitude” can go a long way when you’re planning an incentive cruise.  The high seas add another dimension for all types of incentive travel, whether for individual, group, or convention-scale excursions. And incentive cruises are growing, as all cruise lines now offer accommodation for incentive travelers.  It’s a burgeoning welcome trend, when you consider that the largest portion of the earth’s surface is water. That’s a lot of space for exciting, motivating incentives.

The new era of cruises

Cruises have changed dramatically in recent decades.  The days of a sedate escape spent lounging on a sling chair with a blanket thrown over your legs are over.  These are no longer reserved solely for the blue hair set, because modern cruise liners are like floating hotels. With all the amenities and more than you’d find at a fine hotel, cruise lines are gaining popularity, with comfort and high-end dining on board to please even the most discerning incentive traveler. Cruise lines have hitched their liners to the wellness trend, so Millennials will be more than willing to participate in any incentive offering a cruise.

Meetings, team-building and conferences.  Oh my!

With cruise lines now offering more on-shore adventures, your incentive group is treated to unique opportunities to build the team.  Imagine your group ziplining in Costa Rica, or rock-climbing in Alaska.  The possibilities are endless, when you choose a cruise for your group incentive.

Get on board with incentive cruise benefits

There are some key reasons incentive cruise charters are an excellent choice when you’re scheduling a meeting, planning a team-building excursion or mounting a staff conference. The first of these is convenience.  When your staff boards your chosen cruise ship, they unpack and that’s it.  As your ship moves from port to port, a variety of destinations is experienced, each unique, offering multiple experiences for your travelers. Cruises today offer something for everyone.  From intimate Jazz lounges to challenging activities for the younger set to Yoga on the high seas. Every single incentive traveler in your group will find engagement, excitement and diversion. Cruise ships also cater increasingly to groups desiring meeting and event venues.  For example, they intentionally answer business’s demand for on board WiFi.  They’re reaching out to companies by creating the conditions required to entice them. Best of all, when compared to options on land which are of comparable quality, incentive cruise charters can save you up to 30%, offering stellar ROI which adds to the value of your incentive program.

Incentive Travel Group

Incentive Travel Group has been designing corporate incentive programs and planning and executing group and individual incentive travel for more than 20 years. We’re logistics experts who expand your human resources capacity by adding expertise to your hardworking team that’s outsourced and effective. With all cruise lines now represented in the numerous options for incentive cruise charters, your incentive travelers will be more than motivated to reach higher.  Ignite the fire in their bellies with an excursion on the high seas. Ready to sail away?  Contact us.

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