Your staff is the backbone of your company.  Every day, they work hard to create the conditions you need to keep your bottom line healthy and your enterprise thriving. That’s why recognizing their efforts is crucial.  Day to day work can feel like a thankless grind, if your people feel that they’re not appreciated.  Resentment can set in, especially when people bring their “A” game to everything they do. Not everyone is a shining light.  Not everyone is a leader.  But shining lights and leaders need foot soldiers to get the job done.  Those are the people who consistently return quality work, supporting the efforts of your brightest and best.  They’re not the kind of employees who tend to get noticed, but you know that without them, your infrastructure doesn’t function. And that demands recognition.

Not glamorous, but essential.

The employees I’m talking about here are doing the unglamorous, but essential work that provides the framework for your success.  For every highflying sales person, there’s a middle manager, marshalling his department to deliver the best results possible.  For every flashy account executive, there’s a media buyer who makes sure your enterprise is being exposed in all the right markets. Glamor doesn’t matter to employees like this.  Getting the job done does.  So, when you’re thinking about improving employee recognition with incentive travel, this is the ball your eyes should be on. You’re already rewarding your key players, no doubt.  But rewarding the essential nature of your employees in less glamorous positions is the key to building loyalty which keeps your corporate infrastructure strong.

Spotlight on work ethic.

Among your hardworking employees are people who’ve been with you for years.  Some of them rarely miss a day’s work.  They come in early and go home late.  That deserves an intentional and material pat on the back, which is witnessed by their peers. Recognition is as much reward as it is consciousness.  Giving someone a reward in the presence of their peers is one of the most effective ways to build loyalty.  Putting the spotlight on work ethic and ensuring your people know how much you value their time with you sends a message.  The message is clear - you’re aware, you’re fair and you care.

Employee recognition with ITG.

At Incentive Travel Group, we create incentive programs that recognize not only the work of your employees, but their interests and desires.  We don’t just throw things at the wall to see what sticks, here.  We get into the heads of your people and find out what inspires them. Armed with that information, we build incentive programs which honor those who do their best for you every day, as well as your rock stars.  Everyone deserves to be recognized.  It’s a human need to understand that what you bring to the party is valuable and appreciated. Incentive Travel Group has been creating, planning and implementing superior incentives programs for over 20 years. We help companies likes yours by improving employee recognition with incentive travel.  Contact us to get started.

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