Most employees see group meetings as boring affairs. It is an occasion wherein managers and other bigwigs will spend hours and hours explaining new corporate goals that have to be achieved and plans or strategies that everyone will have to adhere to and follow so that these objectives will be attained. These kinds of meetings are also usually met with lackluster acceptance and enthusiasm if they are held within the confines of the office — the same place where employees work for at least eight hours a day, five times a week.

Corporate meetings held in another country can, therefore, be a gathering that a lot of employees will definitely appreciate and get excited about. Since this will take place abroad, employees will see this as an incentive since they will get to travel.Although this requires a substantial amount of investment from businesses, with proper planning, you can incorporate other key events, such as stakeholders’ meetings or a product launch, to make the most of this remarkable affair.

Meetings of this stature will certainly require a considerable amount of money. But there are ways for you to save money on your international meeting and incentive travel agenda. These include the following:

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