Sales will maintain your business. Phenomenal sales will drive it forward and into the realm of great profitability. Naturally, you want to aim for the latter. And this means taking care of your sales team.

One of the more cost-effective ways to do that is through an incentive travel program. This kind of reward system is more cost-effective than cash and it can also provide powerful PR for your organization. Your incentive group travel program will also boost employee morale and maintain consistently high performance.

How do you guarantee results?

First, come up with a substantial goal for your sales team to qualify. It has to be substantial but also still achievable. You want to strike a fine balance between getting sales results that deliver bigger revenues and offering a realistic achievement for your sales team.

When done successfully, you could be looking at a no-cost travel incentive. This means that when your sales team is able to reach the goal, it could pay for the trips as well as generate profits. Even when not everyone on the team reaches the goal, some may still achieve sales beyond their usual results. And that will still cover the costs of your incentive trips.

Second, choose destinations that will appeal to more people in your sales team. Choosing the perfect destination requires research and feedback from your employees. Where do they prefer to go? What kind of activities would they love to do on a trip? Appealing destinations will mean more participation. More participation from your sales team will lead to better contributions, and greater results for your incentive travel program.

Third, create an itinerary that will focus on the achievements of those who qualified for the incentive trips. So in addition to an attractive destination, the success of your incentive travel program also hinges on conveying your organization’s appreciation for all the sales efforts. You could add an extraordinary welcome reception, to set the tone for the entire trip, and special dinner events.

Fourth, explore avenues that cut incentive travel costs and provide exposure for your partners. For example, you can work with suppliers that could sponsor a specific tour or gift bags for the sales team. This not only alleviates some of the expenses for the incentive trip but also give your vendors marketing opportunities that deliver ROI.

And finally, tap an incentive service to manage your sales incentive program. From coming up with the ideal goal to arranging everything for the trip, your incentive travel program will be better executed with a professional service behind it.

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