You need to send your best employees packing if you want to get more results.

This approach to rewarding your high-performing executives and sales people is far more effective than simply giving them cash. By no means is giving extra cash entirely bad; it just doesn’t have the kind of impact that incentive travel provides.

Incentive travel makes happy employees happier, which means your best talents stay with the company. Incentive travel also pays for itself; SITE International shares that for every dollar your company spends on this reward, you get $12.50 in increased revenue and $3.80 in new profits. And incentive travel also builds teamwork because those trips create the perfect time to bond and improve work relationships.

But travel incentive certificates may deliver more results.

For starters, these vacation incentive certificates might cost less than your usual incentive trips. The cost is controlled because these certificates come in varying offers, from a three-day/two-night stay at a resort hotel in Asia to a five-day/four-night cruise in the Bahamas.

These incentive certificates also give your recipients options for destinations as each one could come with a selection of a dozen to hundreds of choices.By giving your employees multiple destinations to pick from, you’re giving them the freedom to choose their reward.

Another great aspect to the incentive certificate for travel is that you can use it as part of your sales and marketing solutions. You can add the certificates to premium giveaways to loyal or VIP customers. It works exceedingly well for corporate clients. It’s a distinguished way of giving thanks to clients and to express their value to the business.

You can also use the certificates for a contest or promo. A three-day/two-night stay at a resort hotel should boost participation and increase sales. You can even drive more traffic to your website or encourage greater attendance to a trade fair you’re in. The first 10 visits could win a weeklong stay in a luxury eco-friendly spa resort or an event pass to a gourmet festival in North America, with accommodations and free dining.

Travel certificates could also work to generate leads. You just have to make sure that the trips are designed specifically to meet the leads you are targeting.

With the right travel certificates, your incentive program has potential to skyrocket the business. From increased sales and new clients to improved reputation and better performance from employees, let vacation incentive certificates deliver all the benefits for your business today.

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