Most business travelers enjoy taking to the friendly skies to get out there and do the important business placed in their hands.  They’re moving their careers forward while seeing new places, new faces and new horizons.

But the same travelers are often faced with rigid policies around travel which prevent them from optimizing their travel experiences.  And that can mean unnecessary fatigue, stress and sometimes – going rogue.

With little personalization available in the tools used by their organizations, frustration sets in.  This is the road to productivity and morale slumps and sometimes, walking out the door.  Employees lose their patience and you lose talent.

There’s a Better Way

Most people want the kind of job which affords them the opportunity to travel.  They travel willingly.  Of course, their desire is often met with roadblocks. 

Getting from point A to point B can be a frustrating experience, when traveling employees are offered limited options for flight time, poor connections and accommodation that’s uncomfortable, loud and inconvenient.

While the budget must be kept in mind, business travel is increasingly being called on by companies to increase their global footprints.  It’s important.  But so are your travelers.  Those are the people who make the wheels go around, so putting them first is good corporate policy.

That includes providing support while they’re out there.  We’ve heard some horror stories in our day.  One involved a corporate traveler who, upon arriving at the corporate apartment, discovered it was already occupied and that there was no place to sleep.  It was a long weekend and nobody was answering her calls.

Then there was the time that the meeting space, while booked, was under construction and participants were treated to the cold wind off an adjacent lake, as they watched the requisite PowerPoint. 

Not ideal, to say the least.

Things like that don’t need to happen, because there’s a better way.

The ITG Solution

Incentive Travel Group has been in the business of getting the people who do your business places for more than 2 decades.

We take care of the details, while you do what needs to be done.  With extensive knowledge of destinations, vendors and carriers, we dot the “I”s and cross the “t”s, ensuring that no one’s left out in the cold.  Offering timely support is part of what we do, giving your road warriors a life line when they need it.

Corporate travel can get stressful, but with a partner like Incentive Travel Group in your corner, your travelers won’t be feeling it, so they can leave their inner rogues at home.

Expanding Your Human Resources

You’ve got your way of doing things and we’re cool with that.  But when you put business travel in our hands, you’ll be amazed at how much easier things get.  Working with your budget, we make all the right moves to get your travelers to point B with better connections, better accommodations and stellar experiences.  That’s a tide that lifts your boat and theirs!

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