In competitive industries, companies need to enforce various strategies in order to remedy the challenge of widening skills gap. Many of these strategies now focus on talent management which enables these companies to get on board quality talent and allows them to retain these high performers.

Beyond your usual salaries and benefits package, more and more companies are enticing top talent with different rewards and incentive programs that appeal to potential hires. These incentives and rewards focus more on giving employees the opportunity to develop themselves and create new and memorable experiences.

One type of program that perfectly encapsulates this idea is the incentive travel program. Like conventional rewards and recognition programs, an incentive travel program offers opportunities for companies to show how much they value their personnel. The key difference is that this incentive scheme can be customized to match different criteria, including the wants and needs of the employees and the organization, and even budgets.

Planning and implementing an incentive program entails much preparation. In larger organizations, key members can be tasked to help with different aspects of implementing the program. But even if your company has an ample amount of workers who can help out, getting the services of experienced incentive travel planners can offer several benefits.

For one, these professionals can help eliminate the guesswork involved in the different facets of the program. Utilizing their skills and experience, they can help minimize costly mistakes which can undermine the achievement of the goals you set. They can also help take a substantial load off from your employees’ shoulders, allowing them to perform other crucial tasks in the office.

But how do you choose an incentive planner?

Start off by doing some research about each potential planner. Get testimonials from previous clients. If the planner has been recommended by an industry colleague, inquire about their past experience with the planner.

If you are satisfied with the initial information you got, the next thing that you need to do is to conduct an interview with each candidate on your shortlist. A reputable planner will ask you about your program goals and will draw up a proposal that matches these. During this interview, you will be given an opportunity to assess the planner's skill, experience and even his communication skills.

It is also worthwhile to test the planner's skill in responding to the unexpected. It is fairly common for this type of program to encounter several road bumps, and the ability of the planner to make the necessary adjustments can make a great difference.

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