22Progressive corporations nowadays are going to great lengths to demonstrate their appreciation for their prize employees’ contribution to the operations’ success. With “piracy” prevalent among competitive organizations, it’s likewise imperative for them to secure the loyalty of their high-performing employees who are likely to be targeted by competitors. Of course, dignified workers are not usually easily swayed by the promise of higher pay, especially if they actually enjoy what they do and like the people they work with. However, it’s still important to give them more reasons to stay and make them feel appreciated. Matching the offer of other companies is not the only solution, though; there are other rewards or incentives strategies to consider. The advantage with these options is that they can be very creative and be made to fit the interest or meet the personal goals of employees. Great examples are incentive travel solutions; travel is a fantastic opportunity for personal enrichment — and what’s more, it can benefit the company providing it as an incentive as well. But how do organizations tell if these incentives are indeed yielding the target results? Provided below are signs that indicate the success of these provisions. First, if more and more teams are qualifying for the said incentive, it only means the collective output has been advantageous for everybody. Incentive travel is something that all employees would be happy to be worthy of; therefore, it serves as a strong motivation to consistently yield outstanding results. Second, the company manages to attract the attention of the “crème de la crème” of job applicants. Travel incentives are like bragging rights because they’re not cheap and they demonstrate the company’s high standards and competitiveness. Good news like these great incentives are never hard to contain and help build the reputation of the organization. Third is improved teamwork. It’s a reward for positive behavior and most of the time (say,when a team in the company was provided this incentive), they emerge from the trip stronger and better both as a unit or individuals. They know they work well together, and so they will protect and help each other become more effective in their respective responsibilities, and the organization will maximally benefit from these improved dynamics. The fourth sign is that there are special employees that actually hold double or multiple positions in the organization. Travel incentives are not only for enjoyment; companies can use them as important learning opportunities for employees so they can develop skills required for new or better positions in the organization, which then reduces the company’s need to hire new people to serve these job positions. And the last sign is if high-performing employees choose to stay despite all seemingly better offers from other companies. This only shows that not only are the incentives good enough for them, but they actually believe in the system and are loyal to it. Indeed, using incentive travel solutions can do wonders for all types of businesses, especially in improving employee loyalty, performance and satisfaction. To see which solutions can be applied to your brand of operations, there are professional organizations that can help you design a rewards/incentives program; seek their help and implement this effective system that can direct endless benefits to your company.

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