It’s been said countless times before that incentive travel is a great motivator for employees; this strategy has the power to increase productivity and engagement and develop loyalty. However, not all companies are using this effective program to its fullest potential – they simply use it as a gift to give because one of their own deserves it. Incentive travel companies point out, though, that this program can create manifold benefits, and so it’s crucial for business organizations providing travel incentives to work with corporate incentive travel planners.

One of the most important things that these professionals can do is to make sure that the program clearly represents the values the organization stands for or wishes to be known for. For example, a fashion corporation has to make sure that employees who qualify for travel incentive get to travel in style. Everything from the plane seats, to accommodations, to the other features of the program have to be in line with the core value and goals of the operations. This type of program will not fail to remind your employees why they like/love their job.

Another important thing that corporate incentive travel planners do is help your business create an itinerary that offers something completely new. If the incentive presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, this can actually encourage employees to take their work to a whole new level as well. You know how a lot of incentive travels merely take people to common destinations like Hong Kong, Paris, New York, Seoul; these are places that a lot of people can easily go to, actually. They no longer trigger the curiosity of many, so they’re not as attractive and interesting as, say, Cappadocia in Turkey or Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia – places that are so mysterious and that truly present a once-in-a-lifetime experience that very few people in the world actually get. Being the first to try something new will always serve as bragging rights for you organization. It’s worth mentioning as well that these professionals can make sure that the best program can be designed with your specific budget in mind. With their industry knowledge, it won’t be too hard to find the best inclusions to the incentive that will not necessarily cost your business a whole lot of money.

Lastly, corporate incentive travel planners can make the program more beneficial by integrating appropriate and enjoyable activities in the travel itinerary. They can make it not just about travel and leisure, but also a gateway to opportunities for your operations to expand and be better. For example, an incentive shopping trip abroad for employees can be turned into a part-business trip because of a special assignment to discover new products that your company can be distributors of, or to learn new powerful marketing techniques. Travel planners can look into both places and events where these “assignments” can be completed and set up arrangements for factory trips, expos or exhibits, launch parties, local celebrations, and so much more.

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