Incentives and rewards are established strong motivational strategies for improved productivity and profitability. Aside from regular compensation, employees appreciate being rewarded substantially for their hard work, and knowing that there is something that can further validate their contribution and work further pushes them to become better. Likewise, it can bring out their competitiveness — and in business organizations where performance is everything, creating a light, the competitive atmosphere can yield a lot of benefits to the company. Over time, however, certain incentives or rewards lose their impact. First-class dining gift certificates do get old, and in addition, they are not quite appropriate for truly significant accomplishments, so it is important to re-strategize and redesign incentive programs. For important work output that needs to be acknowledged, one of the most appropriate incentive programs is group incentive travel. Why group travel? First and foremost, travel is a luxury that not a lot of people can afford, money-wise and time-wise. Presenting this as a thoughtfully designed incentive is an excellent way of not only showing appreciation for putting the organization in an advantageous position but also reminding high-performing employees that their personal well-being is something the company wants to take care of so they can continue their superior output. Travel can bring relaxation and enlightenment, so when employees come back from the trip, they will be reinvigorated and have more fruitful experiences to draw inspiration from. Secondly, a group that has impressive teamwork can benefit greatly from being placed in a situation that presents different challenges, and traveling to an unfamiliar destination together can easily bring about such challenges. Most of the time, tolerance for each other is tested and stronger relationships are formed. All these will prove to work to the advantage of the company in the future. Thirdly, group incentive travel can be provided mostly for the company’s benefit, especially if the group will be tasked to explore a new market for the business. With more people evaluating the place and likely to form different sentiments about it, a more detailed assessment can be provided to the company. And lastly, group incentive travel can serve as an inspiration to other teams in the company to work even harder together, put away differences, and simply function as a completely unified group. As mentioned earlier, travel is a luxury — a privilege for a few — and the opportunity to see a different place with all expenses covered is definitely something many want to be worthy of to enrich themselves.

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