Sometimes a truly great incentive veers off the beaten path.  Thrill your employees with incentives that direct them to the road less traveled, offering unique experiences and cultural discoveries to inspire them Experiential travel challenges the banal. And experience is what we had in mind when we sat down to write this review of great cities:  3 of the most unique travel destinations.  Why settle for the mundane when the singular beckons? Let’s explore some little-lauded destinations that will make your employees sit up, take notice and reach higher as they’re inspired by something truly rare.

Barcelona, Spain

The Catalonian capital is also Spain’s second largest city.  Millions of people come each year to experience this vibrant destination, its internationally-acclaimed culinary scene, nightlife and exceptional architecture. Encompassed by the city are no fewer than 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites and 35 five-star hotels, sure to appease even the most demanding incentive group’s demands. From the urban glory of Las Ramblas (a pedestrian street which stretches through the center of the city) to the Barri Gotic which borders it, visitors find enchantment in a rich culture which celebrates the pleasure of living in fine food and a night life that never stops. But a visit to Barcelona is also a visit to the works of famed architect Antoni Gaudi.  Most widely known for his monumental (and still not completed) Sagrada Familia church, numerous buildings around the city and the stunning Park Guell, Gaudi’s stunning work is a must.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Referred to variously as the Crescent City, the Land of Dreams and the northernmost Caribbean City, New Orleans, LA offers visitors an experience of an exotic corner of the USA which is unrivaled for cultural and historical flavor. With a culture wrought in the crucibles of slavery, the Civil War, trade on the Mississippi River, New Orleans is a city of contrasts, deeply-cherished culinary traditions and the sound of tubas and trumpets echoing down the cobblestone alleys of the French Quarter. This is the land of Louis Armstrong, whose effigy greets visitors at the airport named for him.  The heady mélange of French, Spanish, African, Irish, Creole and Cajun cultures make New Orleans an experience many visitors return to re-live time and time again. Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel

This teeming city on the Mediterranean Sea offers a cosmopolitan face of Israel, created by residents with roots in nations all over the world. This is the largest city in the country, featuring a night life which rivals that of major global centers, incredible shopping in its numerous outdoor markets and a multitude of beaches. The ancient culture here is best experienced in the covered market found in Jaffa, which abuts the city and is readily accessible to visitors. Down narrow corridors, meet Bedouin traders selling the jewelry and heavily embroidered traditional clothing of this nomadic, desert people.  Then ascend to Andromeda through the Old City’s winding streets for an unforgettable view of the Mediterranean. Ready for an incentive destination that’s one of a kind?  Contact us.

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