At Incentive Travel Group, we love what we do.  Everything about incentive travel is our idea of fun, from the fine logistical details to the execution, to the group feedback.  We love offering growing companies exciting ways to boost morale, motivation and key talent retention. But here are some fun acts about incentive travel you may find surprising.

The growing influence of health and wellness.

Everyone knows that a premium incentive travel experience takes employees where they’ve been dreaming of going.  Checking something off the bucket list is always prized.  But a lot of employers are late to come on board the health and wellness trend in incentive travel. In fact, the demand is still far outpacing response.  As people everywhere become more aware of the value of safeguarding their health, vendors are responding in some key ways and your employees want to take advantage of them. Access to fitness facilities, healthy snack options at meetings and incentives that include a Yoga element are just some of the trends in incentive travel.  For incentives that go a little further to motivate employees by giving them something they really want, health and wellness features go a long way.

“Oopsies” abound.

The world’s an unpredictable place and with companies taking their employees further afield these days, that effect can be multiplied exponentially.  Civil unrest and unforeseen extreme weather events happen. Fully 60% of incentive travel planners have experienced some form of disruption to their plans, underlining the need for strong contingency planning and rapid response on their part.  Oopsies abound in the world of incentive travel, but planners are girding themselves with enhanced awareness and detailed contingency planning to meet the oopsies head on.

A bigger budgetary role.

Companies with incentive travel programs are upping the ante every year.  Budgets for incentive travel are growing, with many companies budgeting up to $4K per person.  But that number is growing across the board, with 20% of participants laying down $5K per incentive traveler. Budgets have grown by 5% since 2014 for this line item, making incentive travel a pressing corporate priority.  With a proven ROI, employers are realizing that travel incentives really work to boost their bottom line by inspiring and motivating their most talented players. In the USA alone, businesses are spending no less that $14 billion per year on incentive travel, explaining the rapid growth of the sector.

Incentive Travel Group.

These fun facts about incentive travel are just the tip of the iceberg.  At Incentive Travel Group, we’re seeing steady growth and increasing diversification, as more and more organizations see the real value of offering travel incentives. With more than two decades’ experience, ITG is a leader in the industry.  We tailor our travel incentives to employee dreams and employer vision, creating premium travel incentives that motivate your people to reach higher, by lighting the motivational fire. If you’re ready to find out what incentive travel can do for your organization, contact us.  We’re the outsourced incentive travel experts who make the motivational magic happen.

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