Like everything else in this full tilt world, incentive travel is evolving.  With the rise of incentive travel as an employee motivational tool, the industry is discovering that it’s changing to more effectively mirror the desires of those who benefit from it. Following are 4 emerging trends to take notice of.

1. All-inclusive luxury.

All-inclusive resorts have been around for a long time, but their popularity is only growing.  They’re especially beloved by those who believe that vacations are for total relaxation. Without having to leave the location, guests are treated to an immersive experience in which everything is covered.  From food and drink, to amenities, everything at all-inclusives is paid for on arrival, leaving guests to cover only those items they buy over and above (souvenirs, clothing and other items). Many employees, when responding to questions about their dream vacation, have an all-inclusive stay high on their list.

2. That “bespoke” thing.

Because many people are increasingly focused on their personal tastes, the “bespoke” thing is becoming even bigger than it’s been in recent years.  That means people are seeking the unique and singular - one-of-a-kind appeal that satisfies a personal craving. And let’s face it, there’s nothing more bespoke than a private jet.  For those companies with the numbers required, using the private jet to whisk favored employees off on a one-of-a-kind travel incentive is a luxurious treat that pays dividends.  When employees are made to feel that special, it’s likely they’ll stay on to see what’s next.

3. It’s all about experience.

The experience economy is all around us.  It’s in retail, where traditional outlets do battle with online purveyors by leveraging customer experience as a reason to get out of your jammies and head to their store. It’s no different with incentive travel.  Experience is what people seek.  While incentive travel is an experience on its own, adding experiential treats like visiting a rare destination which offers exceptional dining, jungle excursions, or private ski lessons makes it unforgettable. This is where your creativity comes into play.  Knowing your employees and what they’re seeking in terms of a peak experience is key to success when following this trend in your incentive program.

4. Health and wellness.

With the growing public interest in beating stress and staying healthy, health and wellness travel is the last of our 4 emerging trends. A spa getaway which features leading edge treatments to pamper employees, at a location famed for its curative hot springs, or skin-enhancing mud is only one of the possibilities.  Wellness travel might also encompass a hike to those curative hot springs, or a helicopter ride to get at that skin-enhancing mud. Because spa services are so ubiquitous today, it’s the element of exclusivity which holds the most appeal for your employees, from a Yoga retreat in Sayulita, Mexico, to a traditional Danish community sauna.

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