You want your event to have maximum impact, but are you aware of how event strategy and marketing has changed?

Every day, technology and the 24/7 information superhighway spurs companies forward to find bigger and better ways to strategize around events and to market them for bigger impact.

Let’s review some of the changes we’re seeing in the event strategy and marketing arena and how they can get you a bigger bang for your event buck!

The Pulse Report: 2019 Event Industry Trends

More than 1,200 industry professionals were surveyed to compile the results of the Pulse Report, rendering several key areas to focus on when planning events this year.

More competition is spurring event planning professionals to push a little harder and here’s how they’re doing it.

Getting Experiential

It’s all about the experience.  More than anything, today’s consumer wants to experience something, even if they’re just venturing out to do a little shopping.  When it comes to events, the experiential aspect can’t be underplayed.

And yet, almost 60% of events professional don’t leverage experiential marketing.

Campaigns to publicize events which focus on the experience help you get the attention of your market and in the process, put a human face on your brand.  Additionally, those experiences leave a positive impression.

How to make it happen?

Optimize It

Search engine optimization is ignored by about half of event professionals.

That’s a huge oversight.

SEO for your event pages is a sales driver.  Almost 90% of the people who’ll attend your event conduct a search to arrive at a decision to purchase tickets. 

So, SEO reaches out to people who demand this facility (and many people do) and those who might not otherwise know about you but want to know about events in the area.

Optimize it and they will come.

Old Strategies That Still Stand Up

Blending the tried and true with the hot and new is always a great idea.  Those strategies have been around for a long time for good reason.

Word of mouth is a strategy that never goes out of style.  With the huge influence of social media, word of mouth has taken on a whole new meaning and is stronger than ever, so over 60% of event marketers deploy it.  Sell directly from platforms like Facebook and Instagram to generate new fans and attendees.

Email marketing has been around awhile too, with almost 40% of event marketers using it to boost attendance.

But like every marketing strategy, you need to keep it shiny.  Tighten up your email marketing to make it stand head and shoulders above your competition’s efforts.

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