Whatever your thoughts or opinions about millennials may be, one thing is for certain: a few years down the line, they will become a potent force in the workplace. A few years from now, millennials will occupy key positions within organizations as members of Generation X are pushing through their last hurrah. All of these will happen while the Baby Boomers are well into their retirement years.

At this moment in time, organizations are dealing with a varied mix of these three generations. This means that decision makers have to account for diversely different tastes, expectations and preferences which, more often than not, have a significant impact on the company.

Millennials are often cynically portrayed as an entitled generations, absorbed with social media and their mobile devices. While there may be some partial truths about this sentiment, this does not paint a good picture, which can hurt organizations and how they interact with members of this generation.

Put in a different light, these cynical views can be viewed positively as quirks of a generation that thrives in communication and connectivity. As a generation weaned during the economic downturn, it is a definite plus that they have thrived in part through their curiosity.

But how does a corporate travel incentive figure in the larger scheme of things?

Again, there is a grain of truth in saying that millennials go hand in hand with their mobile devices and their love for social media. But despite of these, they do, however, seek out experiences and memories that make them feel part of something larger — that makes them more connected.

Compared to their counterparts, millennials actively seek opportunities to experience and explore new places and cultures. Fueled by their curiosity and appreciation of things new, travel incentive can be a powerful motivational tool.

In order to paint a bigger, more accurate picture, it is also worthwhile to consider the fact that millennials have gone through a lot at their young age. Despite their reputation of being entitled, members of these generation have faced a good amount of challenges, especially those related to debt as well as entry into the workforce.

In short, this means that millennials have gone through college and their early professional lives deprived of many luxuries that their generational counterparts enjoyed. For this generation, incentive travel programs can provide them numerous opportunities that may not have been readily available to them in the past.

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