For decades, a lot of companies have been using incentive travel as a management tool. It has proven effective in motivating workers or employees to deliver high-quality output consistently because hassle- free travel is an opportunity that is not easily accessible to many. Likewise, this program is a form of recognition—an appreciation of prized employees’ commitment to elevating the standards of the organization they serve.

Aside from motivating employees to work even harder, incentive travels presents many other advantages, too, such as being able to provide employees experiences useful to the company’s operations, creating a culture of competitiveness and excellence, et cetera. However, to harness all these benefits and secure the success of the program, it’s imperative that the trip possesses the following essential components or qualities.

  1. The incentive’s earning or selection criteria must be completely tied to the company’s goals.
  2. The criteria for the program should be clearly communicated with employees; likewise, they should be consistent. Consistency with rules or requirements for eligibility for the incentive will serve as a reliable guide for the employees in working toward the incentive; at the same time, it helps keep them motivated in achieving their goal.
  3. The travel opportunity should be overall desirable. It’s crucial to get the right reaction from your employees when the incentive is presented. They must be impressed by it; otherwise, it will fail at the objective to inspire. An attractive travel incentive must have a beautiful destination, provide leisure time for recipients(so they can relax and recharge—after all, they have worked so hard to earn the reward), encourage socialization, provide an opportunity to learn, and promise exciting elements.
  4. The program must have a reliable system of monitoring the performance and other outputs of employees toward the company’s financial performance. The employees’ worthiness in receiving the incentive must not come into question.
  5. The travel incentive must have the support of executives and key managers to truly emphasize the validity and value of the program. They must act as hosts to fully encourage participants to work their hardest so they will be able to secure the special opportunity to enrich themselves.
  6. It must have a proper recognition program for recipients of the incentive. The awarding of the incentive should not be a hush-hush event; rather, it should be exciting for everyone.
  7. The incentive must present opportunities to develop connections and promote collaborations among the best performers in the company.

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