Is there anything more redolent of a delicious reward than the weekend getaway? 

The weekend getaway is a cherished break with the ordinary.  You may not be going far – but you’re going to enjoy yourself to the fullest.  With only a couple of days to spare, it’s always an epic experience.

For employee motivations programs, a weekend getaway is one of the more attractive offerings.  People love the idea of slipping away for the weekend.  There’s something almost decadent about it!

So, if your company has a travel incentive program in place, including a weekend getaway incentive as a regular feature is a best practice.

The Allure of the Weekend Getaway

Busy people may enjoy an extended vacation only once a year, but a weekend getaway is a means of getting out of Dodge, without all the packing and traveling.

In return for very little effort, these mini vacations offer a much-needed change of scenery and the rest and relaxation people crave, without the stress of travel and extensive packing.  An overnight bag, a quick car ride and BAM, you’re kicking back in style.

And because of the time frame, the weekend getaway is an incentive that packs a big punch for a smaller investment in your bottom line (which travel incentives are, basically).

Short-Term Luxury

Sending a top-performing employee on a weekend getaway, like larger scale travel incentives, is a matter of “giving the people what they want”. 

Spa weekends, getaways at elite retreats, or even a staycation at a luxury property in your city (with tickets to a show or a sporting event) are all great ideas to fire up employee motivation.

Knowing your people is the key to creating the ideal weekend getaway.  And much depends on your location.  Companies who know their employees well and have taken the time to get into their heads, will have the greatest success at planning the ideal weekend getaway.

Short-term luxury, plum tickets to a game in the VIP box, tickets to a high value concert or show, or a stay at an eco-resort are all great options for weekend getaways. 

Mitigating the Pile

One of the most attractive features of the weekend getaway is that employees don’t fear returning to a pile of work that needs priority attention.

Is there anything worse to come back to after a vacation?

Keeping the adventure short and sweet is attractive to busy employees.  A short break to recharge and reset is just the ticket for engaged employees who care about their jobs and know the work is going to keep coming, even while they’re away.

In short, the weekend getaway is a stress-free gift you’ll find your employees will appreciate enormously!

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For corporate employee motivation programs - a weekend getaway lets your employees know you appreciate their hard work and diligence.  It’s a reward they’ll love, requiring little effort on their part.

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