Successful business leaders know that it’s more rewarding to nurture relationships with your existing customers instead of pouring out all your energies and resources into chasing after new buyers. When you have earned the trust and loyalty of recurring customers, your business will grow even without the use of high-budget marketing efforts.This is because the repeat and regular businesses they bring as well as the free referrals via word-of-mouth can already constitute a huge bulk of your profits. One of the ways to encourage customers to continue doing business with you is to offer more value for their money and make sure that you recognize their continued support. The most enduring brands consider their customer incentives programs as a vital component of their strategy. You can choose to implement various campaigns that reward repeat or bulk buys. You can offer points for a certain number of purchases, bonuses for customer referrals, or gifts for participating in surveys, or open up a VIP club that features perks and discounts to members. But as more and more customers put value toward experiences rather than material things, why not offer instead a customer incentive trip?Travel as reward is a great way to make your loyal clients feel valued, especially if the trip is designed and packaged according their interests. Typical incentives such as free refills or giveaways are consumable and can get lost in the clutter of everyday life, but the memories of travel will be cherished forever. Your incentives program can also be away for you to improve your customer data gathering capability. When you offer your travel incentives program to your customers, you can ask them to fill up a form as part of the registration process. Use the information you have collected to get to know your customers better, so you can fine-tune your marketing message and improve your products and services based on their changing needs and preferences. When developing your customer incentive trips program, it is important to be clear about the main objective of your campaign. This way, you can design the program processes and policies based on what you’re aiming to achieve. As with any other marketing effort, your travel rewards strategy should be anchored to your overall business strategy in order to gain measurable results. Keep the mechanics of the program simple. Make it easy to join by offering various platforms (online and offline) for your target audience to register and accumulate the requirements. And with the barrage of marketing campaigns offered in the market today, make sure that your program is properly promoted and reaches the right people. Work with an incentives travel specialist team to ensure the program targets your objectives and operates within the set budget.

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