Creating a once in a lifetime incentive trip in 2018 demands creativity and a keen understanding of what your employees truly desire. But with a world so full of possibilities and trending destinations of such intense interest to lovers of travel, the possibilities are endless.

What are your team’s dreams?

That’s where you start.  Dreams.  The dreams of your top-performing employees are the source of creating a once in a lifetime incentive trip that will be spoken of and remembered for years to come. That means getting inside your top performers’ heads to discover the bullet points on their bucket lists.  Once you have that information, you’ll be able to hone in on a destination that will unerringly light everyone’s fire. While dreams can vary wildly from person to person, at the center of every dream of superior travel is one word – experience.  You’re looking for the kind of experiences that the people you’re taking on an incentive trip will add to their repertoire of tales to tell friends, family and (most importantly) co-workers.

The unexpected flourish.

A once in a lifetime incentive trip is all about the unexpected flourish.  It’s the difference between the mundane and the sublime.  For your group, that flourish might be a private dinner in an ancient convent in Antigua, Guatemala, or a private cruise aboard a yacht headed for the famed Marietta Islands off the coast of Jalisco, Mexico. The element of exclusivity is what separates a run-of-the-mill incentive trip from one which exceeds expectations and answers dreams.  Concierge service, chartered excursions and landmark locations presented to your group as singular experiences distinguish the best incentive tours.  They’re treasured by those who’ve enjoyed them. Zipline over the jungle canopy in Costa Rica to find a guided experience of the flora and fauna.  Ride camels through the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.  Experience the thrill of ushering in the New Year on the Champs Elysees in Paris, France. Every destination is home to a secret world of possibilities that, when realized, extend to your employees the realization of their most cherished dreams.

Create with Incentive Travel Group.

At Incentive Travel Group, we create once in a lifetime incentive trips.  Working from your employees’ most ardent travel desires, we create unique experiences which are unparalleled in their ability to motivate, inspire and spread the good news of rewards for top performance. When you work with ITG, you work with over 20 years of professional experience.  We’re professionals who craft dream-realizing itineraries in destinations all over the world. Because we’ve been doing it for so long, we’ve developed a premium roster of accommodation, sites and vendors, to weave a travel tapestry that will take your employees’ breath away. With Peak logistics, planning and execution, you just show up and bask in the knowledge that you’re stoking the fire that gets your people reaching higher. Contact us.  Create a once in a lifetime incentive trip in 2018 and watch your teams grow in inspiration and performance.  Create it with Incentive Travel Group.

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