If your company belongs to the food industry and one of your business objectives is to discover food trends and new flavors to present to your market, then one of the best incentives to provide prize employees is an opportunity to explore the world, sample different cuisines, and discover new ingredients.   Corporate incentive travel planners know the best food cities in the world, which can be highly advantageous if you’re designing an incentive travel program that’s focused on food. They have rounded up these gastronomic destinations in a list below — these places do not only boast of the most delectable dishes, but they also introduce special and innovative methods of food preparation.  

  1. Osaka, Japan – It goes without saying that Japanese food is among the most unique in the world. It requires special training to achieve the subtle yet satisfying flavors of Japan’s signature dishes. And when it comes to ingredients, Japanese chefs are constantly discovering new ones to integrate to their recipes to create a new depth in familiar flavors. Osaka is definitely a must-see (and must-taste) place if you’re looking for innovative food preparation. With its popular street foodlike takoyaki (perfectly round and tasty all the time) and local dining establishments that prepare the blessed bounties of Japan’s waters, you’ll learn impressive precision and artistry in food preparation.
  2. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – This city is believed to have the best food carts in the world. Street vendors have the freshest, crispest ingredients for everything from vegetable crepes, to banh mi, to soups. When you come to Ho Chi Minh, you’ll be amazed not only by the mind-blowing flavors in seemingly simple recipes, but also by the speed with which vendors prepare orders (which, we might add, are consistently savory and appetizing thanks to local spices).
  3. Macao, China – Chinese food is flavorful and colorful. In Macao, however, there’s a fusion of European and Asian flavors, which never fails to delight foodies. There are even restaurant-lined streets in the city that offer generous samples of their staple dishes to passersby so that you don’t even need to sit down for a meal. By the time you reach the end of the street, you’ll be full. When you visit Macao, you will not only enjoy the amazing flavors, but you can learn powerful Chinese marketing tricks as well.
  4. Buffalo, New York – If you want a bit of everything, Buffalo is the place to go. Aside from its signature buffalo wings, Buffalo also offers an abundance of international flavors. Kosher, Chinese, Japanese, Ethiopian, Indian, Thai, Soul food, Greek, French, Italian – you name it and you’ll find it in Buffalo.
  5. Seoul, Korea – Here, you’ll find a bounty of affordable street food and some of the best restaurants owned by master chefs. You’ll learn that Korean food is more than just kimchi and bibimbap. The capital boasts of cuisine originally only served to the royal family, which is a balanced combination of incredibly delicious and highly nutritious dishes.


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