Incentive Travel Group is a leader in travel incentive programming and corporate event planning.  Acting as an extension of your staff, we bring you specialized logistics, detailed planning and exacting execution. Long before your event happens, we’re there, shaping your event to conform to your vision.  We bring you outsourced corporate event planning that reduces cost and maximizes ROI.  We take it all off your already full plate and with precision, craft your event with the excellence of experience. Experience means you stay within budget, while getting the best deal on venues, accommodations and transportation.  Our team of experts supports your corporate event planning with logistical expertise that gets you the maximum return on investment. We’re corporate event planning professionals who seamlessly plan and execute every detail in the run up, right down to the keynote speaker and pre-event outreach.  We plan with an eye to giving your employees ample recreation and networking opportunities, to ensure they get the most from their experience, both professionally and personally. Long before your event, we ensure that the news about it is disseminated to everyone you want to be there.  With strategic acumen, ITG ensures the results you need for the success of your corporate event.

ITG – corporate event planning experts.                

ITG extends your existing capacity with an outsourced solution to corporate event planning.  We attend to the details, while you provide us with a framework for execution.  We’ll be with you through every stage of the process, ensuring that critical path deadlines are met, with unfailing accountability which delivers results. Our logistics and planning experts work closely with your internal corporate events team and leadership, creating exceptional corporate events that meet your organizational goals.  We make corporate event planning easy, because we’ve been doing it for 20 years.  While you keep the wheels of your enterprise turning, we keep our eyes on the ball.

The ITG advantage.

The ITG advantage resides in our people.  They plan and execute logistically excellent corporate events.  Contingencies happen, but with ITG wrangling them, you’re free to do what you do best. Incentive Travel Group has been in the business of bringing companies like yours outstanding logistical expertise for more than 2 decades.  This gives our team the ability to plan around contingencies like itinerary changes and other snags, with ease. At Incentive Travel Group, your vision is our job.  We execute every detail from inception to completion, while you’re running your business and managing your staff.    The ITG advantage is clear from the moment we pick up the corporate event planning ball. We get it done – professionally.

Call on ITG.

Incentive Travel Group brings your organization corporate event planning expertise that frees you of the details, ensuring that you derive the maximum benefit for your event and that your staff enjoys every minute of it. Let’s talk about how ITG can clear your plate of corporate event planning.  Let us do the heavy lifting, manage the itinerary changes and foresee contingencies, while you take care of business.

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