If your company is designing travel incentive packages for the purpose of powerfully motivating your workers to elevate their job performance, it’s imperative to understand that travel experiences have great value to them. It’s not enough that, for their impressive job performance, you’re going to send them away to a nice location and they can just figure out what to do. You need to make sure that the travel incentive packages are as enticing as can be.

So, what do people really want from their travel incentive packages?

The first one, of course, would have to be a luxurious accommodation. They want something that’s comfortable yet elegant – a complete upgrade of the familiar conveniences of their home. They want inns and hotels that offer world-class amenities and superb quality service so they can be free of worries and just focus on making their time off from work an opportunity to recharge and enjoy themselves.

Another “must” is a unique dining experience. Fully enjoying a new place will not be complete without sampling local fare and the traditions upheld in creating these gastronomic treats. Even if it’s just for one meal, people traveling want to be treated to the appetizing flavors of the location.

Third is cultural exploration. Everybody looks at travel as the perfect chance to improve their understanding of the world. People want to see what are the similarities they share and differences they have with folks of a particular location. They wish to see and experience the components that make life unique in that area. Likewise, they want to learn the history that molded the location into what it is and will be. Trips to local museums, parks and heritage sites are greatly appreciated.

And the last one is socialization. Events, gatherings and other arrangements that will put them in contact with people are also expected inclusions in travel packages. Most people want to see the world to establish more meaningful connections. With these connections, people get a different perspective of everything. Many claim the takeaway from social events is they gain a deeper understanding of their role as citizen of this planet and how the way they live also impacts the quality of life of others.

Therefore, if you’re still designing travel incentive packages as part of your company’s “motivation” program, take into account all these expectations because these will ensure the value and power of the incentives you’re presenting to your employees.

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