Anyone managing teams will tell you that building employee teamwork falls under the heading of “art”.

You’ve already assembled your teams according to the personal styles of individual members, synergies between members and competencies.

So, the raw stuff is there, ready to make the kind of magic you need to stay competitive.  But how do you reinforce that raw stuff with teambuilding solutions that work?

You talk to the pros at Incentive Management Group!

Your Secret Sauce

Teams are people.  And how those people interact with each other is key to a cohesive team.

At ITG, we explore the interpersonal dynamics that can either help or hinder your team.  Then, we tailor teambuilding to pry loose roadblocks and to enhance existing synergies that are working, supporting the bonding teams need to see other members for the amazing individuals they are.

At the heart of teambuilding with ITG is knowledge.  Knowing the individual members, what gets them moving and keeps them moving and their personal workstyles is the kind of information we start with.

Then, we get even further inside the heads of your people, creating the ideal activities for building employee teamwork.

The ingredients for your secret sauce are already in there.  We just tease them out and whip them into a tasty and irresistible recipe that spells “results”.

Outside the Box

With more than 2 decades in the incentive travel business, you know that ITG has learned to think outside the box, folding in the necessary creativity to produce that secret sauce you’re seeking.

We know that presenting your teams with a challenge compels them to dig deep.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but a teambuilding challenge lays all bare, creating opportunities to see what team members are made of – and how you can more effectively work with them.

Teambuilding activities that are keyed to team workstyles can be just about anything and these days, they can take place anywhere in the world.

From physical challenges, like an iconic hiking experience or orienteering, to intellectual challenges like Murder Mystery weekends or urban treasure hunts, creative solutions abound.  The trick is finding the challenges that cement team unity of purpose.

Problems Meant to Be Solved

A well-organized and carefully designed teambuilding challenge unlocks hidden skills that even participants may not have known they had.

Day-to-day problems in a workplace setting bring your people stellar opportunities to solve them but are they in the right position to achieve solutions?

The wonder of teambuilding is that employers find out just as much about their teams as team members find out about each other.  By creating a challenge that pushes participants toward their untapped potential, they’ll discover that they have a lot more to give than they may have believed.

And that’s how you recalibrate teams to make them work at their optimal capacity.  When the whole truth about your people is revealed by teambuilding challenges, you can deploy them more effectively.

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