Teams are what it’s all about, when you need to get things accomplished.  When your employees engage with each other as they engage with their work, a special kind of alchemy occurs. Building employee teamwork with travel incentives isn’t alchemy, though.  It’s just good planning, good strategy and an experienced partner, like Incentive Travel Group! Let’s dive in and look at some ideas to get the teamwork ball rolling with incentive travel.

Meetings – Sigh

Talk a wander around the interwebs and you’ll see numerous articles about meetings and how dull and time-consuming they are.  The problem is that they’re necessary.  We need them touch base and know what page we’re all on (hopefully, the same one). But when you transform your meetings into travel events, they become happenings.  People who normally only talk on the phone or via video conferencing finally meet in the flesh and the effect can be electric. Out-of-town meetings with your key people build relationships and underline company mission and its importance.  When you take them out of their natural habitats, amazing things can happen.  Your employees will appreciate that you’ve taken the time to plan and execute an opportunity for everyone to get together and bond.

Team Building Events

Team building events don’t have to be the usual paintball excursion.  They can be anything you want them to be, from a treasure hunt in an exotic location to team competition, climbing that hiking trail to the top of the mountain. Team building is an investment in your culture and it’s culture that’s at the heart of employee retention and engagement.  When you set aside time and budget to nurture your teams, the real reward ends up in your hands, with the best people doing the best work. Combine experiences with the imperative to build stronger teams and watch your teams mesh and produce.

Meet the Families

A potent team building tool on the travel incentive front is an excursion which invites families along.  Your teams see each other in another light when the husband and kids are along for the adventure.  Building bonds in this way is one of the most effective ways to create links between employees. Getting your business done takes on a whole new patina when employees bring their families. While you’re planning world domination, partners and kids can be doing whatever makes them happy.  But it’s when you get together after the job is done that connections are made.  Those connections feed your teams with a sense of belonging to something truly special. Watch them bond in unique destinations that celebrate families. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, New Orleans, LA and purpose-built family camp experiences are all possibilities, but there are so many others, so let your imagination run wild and watch your teams thrive.

Incentive Travel Group

Your busy employees have full plates as it is.  It pays to have an outsourced incentive travel partner like ITG.  We bring you 20 years’ focused experience in incentive travel programming, planning and execution. Ready to build your teams?  Contact us.

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