Winter can be a tough time to keep your employees engaged.  The days are short, the weather’s cold and let’s face it – most of us don’t like getting up in the dark.  It’s the year’s harshest, least hospitable season.  But creative business leaders know there’s a way around winter’s impact on staff. Business thought leaders know that winter team building events create opportunities to re-engage employees with their work.  Events like these encourage the development of cohesive teams which are strong and integrated. By offering winter team building events to your organization’s teams that promise a break from a seemingly endless winter, your teams’ motivational flame will reignite.  Your people will be fired up and ready to go. Winter team building events can be an important tool for pushing organizations toward their goals.  The message sent to employees is that you care and that they’re important enough to your organization to develop and nurture.

Winter team building events that work.

Winter team building events create an opportunity for your employees to bond and to pursue professional development with their peers.  When your employees know that you care enough about them to plan winter team building events, it takes winter’s chill off.  Your team is immediately warmed by a fire in the belly that stokes team integrity and spirit. When you offer winter team building events that promise to lift your teams out of the frigid chill of winter and into the warmth of a tropical team building and development escape, watch their spirit grow. But what you offer depends on your staff’s interests.  Some of the people on your key teams may be skiers, dreaming of a long weekend shushing down the slopes of Whistler, BC.

Your winter team building events experts.          

ITG is an outsourced, expert solution to your winter team building events needs.  We expand your capacity. Our planning and logistics professionals perform as a capacity booster which extends your organizational reach.  We partner with you to create winter team building events that build strong, integrated teams.

The ITG edge.

Our winter team building events experts are ITG’s edge.  They plan and execute exceptional winter team building events to inspire your teams to shake off winter. We connect with you and your staff, to help you create winter team building events that speak directly to your people, motivating them to bond and reach higher. Our team building events mesh people together into integrated units with one common purpose – realizing your organizational goals.

Let’s fire up your team.

Incentive Travel Group offers winter team building events that create a team culture in which your employees do more than survive.  They thrive, with the promise of a winter escape that offers team-building and professional development. ITG is waiting to discuss your winter team building events ideas.  Let’s talk about firing up your teams with logistics support that’s a cut above.  Let us help move you toward the results your organization needs to succeed, with winter team building events that fire up your team.

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