There’s a good reason so many US companies use incentive travel to beef up the bottom line. It works. With well over $20 billion a year dedicated to rewarding employee performance with travel, savvy organizations have realized incredible ROI with this rewards strategy.  What they invest is returned to them, with well over 100% of their investment in incentives recouped via increased sales.

A well-designed program.

Companies who boost sales with employee travel rely on incentive travel programs which are well-designed, clearly communicated to eligible staff and expertly executed.  A well-designed program accounts for the personalities and interests of key players, offering travel incentives which resonate with them. The process of program design explores employee vision and informs the nature of the program.  Some of your employees may be interested in opportunities for professional development.  Others may lean more towards networking.  There’s no doubt, though, that everyone of them has a dream destination in mind. Finding out what your employees are interested in is the first step toward superior program design.  It’s the key to incentives that really work to increase sales and grow your organization.

Communication is key.

Once a program that appeals directly to your employees is in place, communicating it to them clearly is the next step.  Clear communication builds anticipation and excitement.  Knowing there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that recognizes employee interests, personalizes the incentive and encourages healthy competition, provides strong motivation to perform. Announcing the program at an event is a fun way to get the ball rolling.  Unveil your incentives with flair.  Include “teasers” that hint at the destination.  Once the full reveal comes, employees will jump on board, ready to outdo themselves.

Program execution.

Now that you have your program design in place and your employees are all engaged with the promise of the incentive on offer, the execution wheels can start turning.  Regardless of where you’re taking the winners, logistics excellence is required to ensure a seamless experience that lives up to the anticipation you’ve been generating. You undoubtedly have staff in place who could take on the logistics role, but incentive travel that works means retaining experts with intimate knowledge of the destination, accommodation and conferencing vendors and attractions to inspire your people. That’s where we come in.  Incentive Travel Group has more than two decades’ experience designing and implementing incentive programs that work.  We support your incentive travel vision to boost sales with employee travel.  With outstanding logistical and programming support, we bring the world’s possibilities straight to you. While you’re watching your sales figures grow, we’re working the background, creating exceptional incentive travel that gets your people where they want to go.  We’re an outsourced logistics solution that frees your human resources to do what they do best – grow your company. Ready to boost your sales with employee travel that works?  Contact us.  Incentive Travel Group is your source for program design and execution.  We create incentive travel that works, sending your employees home ready to tell the tale and keep the motivational ball rolling.

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