Langkawi-Island_3The workplace is always a nice mix of personalities. You have employees who are purely working for the money. You also get those who are not putting forth good work but expect to be paid well. And then there are those who are just completely dedicated to the job they are given. Among these three, people who belong to the third group of employees can easily rise up the corporate ranks because they exploit all their skills and talents for the betterment of the organization. However, the common problem with these extremely committed workers is that they’re just too committed. They do not use their leaves, and they even continue to work during the holidays (which, by the way, doesn’t hurt especially if the company wants to avoid a huge pile-up of work afterwards). Basically, they’re workaholics –most high performing employees are. The thing is, because of their great contribution to the company, it’s imperative that they do not get sick and that they increase their personal experiences as well to be able to provide more innovative ideas for the advancement of the organization. To secure these goals, incentive travel programs can do the job. Incentive travel programs are primarily provided as rewards for prized employees, but they can also be designed to serve the personal interest of the company. With the right inclusions, not only the much beneficial relaxation and enjoyment of the employees can be secured, but important company values can be reinforced and serve other company objectives as well. For such incentive travel programs, the most highly recommended inclusions are the following:

  1. Relaxation packages – Spa treatments, massages, acupuncture, etc. Workaholics may not acknowledge stress, but the internal functioning of their body does. These relaxation packages can undo the effects of stress and help prevent illnesses that can impact the productivity of important members of the company. Aside from trips to spas, temple stays in Asia are growing quite popular among Westerners as well. A lot of people who have experienced a stay in the temples claim that they returned to their job recharged and with a new, brighter perspective of their life’s mission.
  2. Cultural experience – Nothing opens the mind more than the opportunity to explore a different culture. A travel incentive abroad can easily provide this experience and greatly enrich employees with a better understanding of social dynamics, and even new skills. Trips to museums, concerts, and even special dining arrangements usually comprise a cultural experience.
  3. Fitness activities – More and more incentive travel programs include this, along with wellness retreats that offer fitness programs like Bikram yoga, travel workouts (hikes and bikes), and sports. Some of these wellness retreats also cover a special eating program to address the specified health concerns of their guests.

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