International travel can get weary. Even when the entire trip is paid for by the company, your rewarded employees, loyal customers, or channel partners will grow tired. The exciting destination may keep spirits up and the engagement high for a time. Eventually though, the airports, the transfers from land to sea (if they apply), and the usual stress that comes with traveling may affect the entire experience.

Before the weariness of international travel affects the results you need from this incentive trip, you need to evaluate what changes or additions are needed. Below are ideas that may not only prevent tiresome experiences but also help you amplify the benefits of international incentive travel.

Find out luxury perks at airports.

Every airport is different. Some airports are miles ahead of other airports. If the international trip you’ve planned means a long flight, look for airport services that will provide relaxation for your participants.

For example, Philadelphia International features Minute Suites, a wellness service that provides a quiet place for travelers to rest (or catch up on work). It features private suites with pull out couches, fresh linens, a desk, and a monitor or TV. Fees are based per hour.

There is also the private luxury terminals that come with concierge, champagne, and hors d’ oeuvres.

Other international airports, like Changi, offers free perks though. There’s a free movie theater at Terminal 3 and an orchid and sunflower garden at Terminal 2.

Come up with room drop gifts.

Room drop gifts can reinforce your brand. So they might work best with loyal customers and channel partners.

Your high performing sales people and other employees may enjoy little gifts as well. So room drop gifts can also convey your appreciation for a job well done. And as you know, non-cash incentives are more effective in providing an overall experience for your incentive travel participants.

Your room drop gifts don’t have to cost a small fortune. They should, however, reflect the likes and needs of your recipients. For example, a channel partner who travels frequently may appreciate a portable wireless hotspot device while a sales executive who likes wine might love a travel wine carrier.

Arrange an award ceremony.

Finally, whether it’s thanking your top performers or rewarding your most valuable customers, an award ceremony boosts a preferable experience for your incentive travelers. The public recognition encourages even stronger performance next time and validates efforts. So it is well worth organizing, even if it’s just a small ceremony.

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