“Adventure” is a word laden with the promise of unique experiences but it’s redolent of danger and intrigue.  If you don’t consider yourself an “adventure” traveler, then maybe it’s time to reconsider the meaning of the word to you.  Even the most reserved person in the world has a sense of adventure.  And if you’re an uber-timid person, you should know that there are adventure trips for every type of traveler – even you!

Yoga Travel

The experience and wellness impulses in travel trends meet in the new plethora of Yoga travel experiences on offer.  From resorts to retreat centers to encounters with high-level practitioners in distant Ashrams, Yoga travel may be just the type of adventure you’re looking for. If fostering an expanding consciousness is your idea of adventure, you can take that inner journey in a location that delights the senses as you delight in the complexity of your internal landscape.

Summer Camps for Big Kids

My most vivid memory I have of summer camp involves begging my parents to take me home because the cabins were too cold.  Holding a box of snacks my parents regaled me with before driving away,  I forlornly watched their tail lights recede down the camp’s gravel road, leaving me to my frigid cabin. But summer camps for big kids are an exercise in reviving our childhood spirits.  Jumping off the pier into the lake, playing games in the woods, roasting marshmallows and creating hand-crafted items are all part of the adventure. Today, there are numerous summer camp experiences available, like the ones offered by Where There Be Dragons.  Take yourself back to the future with a woodsy escape from adulthood.


Riding a bicycle is about so much more than getting from point A to point B.  It’s about enjoying the ride.  But cycling adventures can take you sailing down roads less traveled all over the world.  Even amateur cyclists can get in on the action with numerous routes in every state of the Union and every country in the world which accommodate the leisure cyclist.  Up the ante by strapping on a backpack and finding the perfect spot to camp under the stars. It doesn’t get better than that!

Never Been There?  Go!

But the greatest adventure of all is the one so few have the mettle for – picking a point on the map that’s utterly unknown to you and then going there.  Whether spur of the moment or researched for a year, getting outside your comfort zone and venturing to an exotic location like Uzbekistan or Laos is exhilarating. Implicit in the idea of an adventure is the element of the pleasant surprises which await the bold.  You may find yourself in a souq rich with the scents of cardamom and myrrh, or sipping tea while gazing at the Great Wall of China.  But maybe you’d just like to share a cabin and make ashtrays with your handprint on them!  As we said, there’s an adventure for everyone – even the timid! Ready to go?  Contact ITG.

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