You’re an individual.  You’re not like anybody else. All the same, your most treasured hopes and dreams are common (with some key plot twists, of course).  Most people want to experience something unique and they want to experience as much of the world as they possibly can.  We all want to rest, relax and connect with other people. So, when you look at your employees, what do you see?  How well do you know them and what their fondest desires are? Irma in IT may have her head full of fantasies about swishing down the slopes of a distant ski destination.  Brian in HR may have his heart set on a peaceful wellness retreat with Yoga and a vegetarian menu.  Leo in Sales may have longed to visit the pyramids in Egypt since he was a kid. Knowing what sets your staff alight is half the battle when it comes to designing a travel incentive solution that succeeds.  There’s no such thing as a generic travel program – because everyone’s different. And there’s no such thing as a successful travel incentive solution without expert logistics support, planning and execution.

We Make Magic

At Incentive Travel Group, we make magic, creating a travel incentive solution just for you and your most deserving employees. But we don’t leave anyone out because we know that sometimes, future superstars need a little love too.  We show you the way to winning incentives with time-honored skills and insights garnered over more than 2 decades. Our ITG professionals are plugged in to what’s happening now – experience travel, wellness retreats, one-in-a-lifetime adventures -  we know where to find them, because we’ve been creating travel incentive solutions tailored to the needs of companies like yours for over 20 years.

Smart Design

As we’ve pointed out, the most important component of a genuinely effective travel incentive solution is knowing what’s in the hearts and minds of your people. We glean that information and spin it into incentives that get your employees fired up and ready to win.  It’s all about the fine details with us and from those details come great incentives that satisfy your employees and come back to you as motivation, inspiration and ROI you’ll be amazed by.

It’s Your Incentive Solution

At ITG, our planning revolves around your budget and your goals because it’s your incentive solution.  We require no minimum purchase.  Complete flexibility is yours when you work with our pros.  You’ll never need to make a destination or a timetable work because we won’t impose either.  That’s not our style. Every detail involved is in the hands of expert planners who’ve got the skinny on the best vendors in the most fascinating destinations, wherever you want to go.

A Perfect Fit, with ITG

At Incentive Travel Group, we believe in giving you exactly what you (and your employees) want.  That’s why our reach is wide, encompassing a world of adventures, experiences and retreats that create the kind of magic you need to grow and prosper. Contact us.  Let’s go!

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