Whether you have just recently launched your own business or you have been operating for several years, you would immensely benefit from the improvement of your organization. One important tool that you can use to elevate the performance of your employees and cultivate a culture of performance is a travel incentive program.

But before you make a rundown of incentive trip ideas that you can use to motivate your employees, it is crucial to take into account several important factors.

Not everyone is the same

In designing an incentive program, it is crucial to understand that your organization is made up of different individuals with unique skills, abilities and attitudes. A well-designed incentive program should take into account these differences.

Broadly speaking, the members of your organization can be classified into three types: the top 5 to 10 percent, the 80 to 90 percent, and the bottom 5 to 10 percent.

The first group is comprised of highly competent and highly motivated team members. In designing your incentive program, your overall goal is to highlight the performance of these individuals such that other members of your team will be inspired to follow the footsteps of your top performers.

With the second group, your overall goal is to provide an opportunity for them to step up their game. Hence, the goal of your incentive program should include components that build motivation and skills in a way that is both fun and positive.

With the third group, your goal is to give these lowest performers that proverbial big push that will allow them to step up their game and catch up with their peers.

A few things to avoid

In designing a travel incentive program, organizations should avoid making their programs look and feel exclusive only for the top performers. After all, it can be disheartening for other members of your team who have stepped up their game, only to be left unrecognized. Instead, look for ways to make the program inclusive by offering rewards to those who meet a specific goal.

Another thing to avoid is to decide solely upon the rewards to be given to your employees. One employee may find a particular reward appealing and may motivate him to step up his performance, but the same reward may not necessarily be appealing to another. As such, it would be beneficial to include your employees in deciding the reward for the incentive scheme.

Designing your travel incentive program

Before launching your incentive program, take the time to list down your goals. However, it is a good idea to narrow these down and focus on those that are truly important to your organization and its members.

Another important thing to consider is the inclusiveness of the program. Do not make it a program for your top performers. But conversely, do not make it too easy for everyone. After all, you would like to promote a culture of excellence.

Finally, instead of making it a competition for everyone, try to inject some fun and celebration.

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