With the prevailing employment market heavily favoring employees, it’s more important than ever that companies get creative with incentives. And large-scale players are stepping up in a big way, creating new frontiers in motivating and thanking their hardworking employees. We’ve had a look at what’s going on in the world of incentives and these 6 travel incentive ideas to reward employees really stood out, so we’re sharing them with you.

1. Teamwork for Team Excursions

Kaiser Permanente has taken teamwork to the next level, encouraging employees who win incentives by working as teams to enjoy their rewards together.  Excursions to ball games and day trips to Napa Valley are just two of the rewards they’ve offered.

2. Team Fun and Intrigue

Incentives to Intrigue uses its team of actors, producers and writers to tailor murder mysteries to your travel incentive group. The action can take place anywhere, from a holiday cabin to a convention center and can take on any theme.  Your imagination is the only thing holding you back!

3. Shopping Spree

While monetary rewards may not be as meaningful as they once were, using money to create an incentive is a new take.  A dentist in Oakland, CA recently thanked his staff by giving each team member $200.  The agreement was that any money not spent would be returned to the employer. He then held a show and tell event at the office, to talk about what people had chosen to buy and why.

4. Vending Machine Revenue

Savvy employers understand the power of vending machines as amenities, but do they know that the revenue they produce can be rolled back into incentives? This idea kind of kills two birds with one stone, providing an employee convenience, a strong motivation to use the machines and money that goes toward incentivizing. Actually, that’s a threefer!

5. History & Engagement

The Keurig coffee company cements employee engagement while drawing them closer to the corporate mission by taking employees on a 5-day Origin Trip to Central and South America.  Employees enjoy a unique incentive, build stronger bonds with their employer and gain on-the-ground insight that serves to grow them in their roles.

6. Executive Level Resources

If your CEO has a cabin in the mountains, or a condo in Hong Kong, you’ve got an executive level resource to offer employees as part of an incentive travel reward. There’s nothing quite as potent as sleeping in the Big Kahuna’s bed!

Incentive Travel Group

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