It takes more than a salary bump to engage employees and secure loyalty. For many high-performing workers, recognition expressed in the right way can do more than seeing an increase in pay can. And that recognition is through travel incentives.

Incentive Research Foundation shares that incentive travel programs can enhance productivity and help your business achieve objectives.  The rewards-based motivational tool allows your high earners to achieve more for the company.

With the right features, it will encourage other employees to meet eligibility for the rewards, giving your incentive program greater engagement and better results. So here are five ways to improve the experience of your tour & incentive travel for employees, and allow you to secure the best outcome.

1.The trips should appeal to your employees — from the location to the activities. Not all employees will want to go to the beach; some employees may prefer an adventurous itinerary as opposed to a stay at a spa resort. It’s important that your incentive trips are designed specifically for what your employees would want. This means taking surveys and running evaluations of previous trips to gain valuable insight so your incentive program always offers the best experiences. 2.Build up excitement with informative content leading up to the trip. This is especially crucial for incentive trips to unfamiliar locations. If your company has not been to Norway or Dubai, for example, you may want to provide information days ahead. Set up a central hub where participants can access information and even share relevant details about the trip. Some things you may want to provide are:

3.Keep activities for work as organized as possible. Most incentive trips will include meetings or brainstorming sessions. After all, the most successful incentive travel programs have a goal in mind for every trip. Don’t let participants lose sight of the business aspect of the trip. Make the most of productivity with advanced notices on topics for discussion and collaborative tools. A point person should be delegated to keep these meetings on time and efficient. 4.Communicate the existence of the program, and try to make qualifications attainable. Promote your incentive travel program and you are likely to get more participants than if you were to keep it a secret. Don’t just appeal to your highest earners; appeal to other employees who may feel left out and demoralized by the process. Make your qualifications attainable so you encourage and motivate more workers. 5.Hire expert incentive travel agencies. Finally, invest in an incentive travel firm that will develop and implement your program. With expert help, you’ll get organized trips and deliver on the promised rewards with unforgettable experiences.

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