Everyone’s talking about the talent deficit in the employment market.  There are now more jobs looking for people than there are people looking for jobs. In a market like this, it’s crucial that you keep your top talent on board and engaged.  Nothing can do that more effectively than incentive travel. If you’ve been looking at more effective ways of retaining employees, then the secret sauce you’re seeking is incentive travel.  Read on to discover 5 ways that incentive travel motivates staff.

1. The Experience That Motivates

Your employees all have their idea of what a peak experience is.  Getting into their heads to discover what those ideas are is part of what incentive travel programming is all about. You need to know what pushes their buttons before you can push them yourself. Maybe your people find inspiration in an experience of New Jersey’s up-and-coming wine trails, or maybe there’s a show they’ve been dying to see on Broadway, in NYC. Whatever it is they’re dreaming of incentive travel helps them live the dream.

2. A Chance to Recharge

You need your employees to be juiced up and ready to go.  Your top performers bring that to work every day. But when they’ve been going at it hammer and tongs for weeks on end, offering them a break specifically engineered to wellness and relaxation is just the ticket.  It says you appreciate them and that you need them fully charged and ready to go.

3. Visibility

One of the most pivotal reasons travel incentives outpace cash rewards is that they’re visible.  Other staff can see what the employee has won, which creates a ripple effect that reaches the furthest reaches of your organization. A visible reward has heft.  It’s like internal PR that just keeps on giving.

4. The Memory Link

When you reward employees with a travel incentive, the experience they have creates memories and those memories are linked directly to the employer. That’s a powerful retention, loyalty and engagement tool that’s of immeasurable value.  Memories derived from experiences last.

5. The Tailored Incentive

You can’t really tailor a cash reward.  But you can most certainly tailor a travel incentive to an employee’s interests and hobbies. Tailoring a travel incentive to an individual staff member demonstrates your engagement with your employees.  It further demonstrates your commitment to keeping them on board.  That’s why programming is so important.  In the programming phase, you find out what they want, enabling you to personalize your incentives thoughtfully and finely.

Incentive Travel Group

At Incentive Travel Group, we’ve been programming, planning and seamlessly executing superior travel incentives for companies like yours for over 2 decades. We’re an outsourced solution which extends the grasp of your existing human resources, offering you focused, professional support that goes the extra mile. ITG brings you intimate destination knowledge, razor sharp logistics and perfect execution.  We take the details off your plate and put them on ours. These are just 5 ways that incentive travel motivates staff.  We’ve got a million more.  Contact us.

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