If you’re reading this, it’s likely your company’s home to at least one road warrior.  Road warriors travel, selling, consulting and hearing the concerns of customers.  They spend most of their time planning to travel, traveling and recovering from travel. They’re out there, on average, 84 nights per year, according to a 2016 report. And if anyone ever deserved an incentive trip, it’s a road warrior.  This post reveals 5 ways road warriors can de-stress on an incentive travel trip.  These are tried and true strategies we think they’ll appreciate and you’ll benefit from. De-stressed road warriors are sturdy road warriors and that keeps your organization’s wheels turning smoothly.

1. Unplug

The lonely, stressed out road warrior needs to unplug at times and an incentive trip is the ideal opportunity to do it. Offering your road warriors incentives with the stipulation that they leave their electronics at home is your way of saying “I care about your mental health”.  No emails to check.  No texts to send. Unplugging has the effect of re-setting the default of the modern mind and refocusing it on what really matters.

2. The Spa

If you’re serious about ensuring that your weary road warrior de-stresses on an incentive trip, then including a spa component is a savvy strategy. Book your travel-worn warrior an entire day at the spa being pampered with hot rock massages, seaweed soaks and relaxing facials.  Detoxing and relaxing are the goal of this incentive, so make sure you put all the bells and whistles on it!

3. The Element of Wonder

The road warrior knows better than anyone that most airports look exactly alike.  Sometimes, they need to check their boarding passes to remember where they are. That’s why injecting the element of wonder into an incentive trip for wounded warriors is exactly what’s required. Include an excursion to a local site of interest that’s off the beaten track.  Whether that’s a trip to a waterfall tucked away in a jungle retreat or hiking to a distant cabin in the Adirondacks to find a vision of cozy repose, depends on the employee.  They all have different interests.  It’s your job to weave the right element of wonder into the project of de-stressing this key human resource.

4. Fun

Wherever you’re sending your intrepid road warrior, don’t forget to include something that’s pure, unadulterated fun.  You may want to send them to New Orleans, where they can experience the best of the Crescent City, taking in a jazz concert at Preservation Hall.  Or send that stressed out soul to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in northern California and watch the miles fall right off.

5. Premium Amenities

Pampering your strung-out road warrior is the icing on the cake on any incentive geared to stress mitigation.  Put that stressed out veteran of economy class in a hotel with amenities like a steam room, sauna and pool and in-room perks like Egyptian cotton sheets and a soaker tub with jets. Ready to patch up your road warrior?  Contact us.

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