Companies are rapidly coming to the realization that incentive travel is a winning strategy to motivate and inspire staff and to retain key players for the future.  Like any winning strategy, evolution is inevitable and 2017 is no exception. Here we lay out the top 5 trends changing incentive travel.

1. Experience-based.

Wherever you’re going, it’s an experience.  But what kind of experience?  One of the most prevalent trends in incentive travel for the coming year is experience-based travel.  Depending on where you’re going, the possibilities are endless. A visit to Siena, Italy might have the Palio at its centerpiece.  If you’re hitting the shores of Cancun, Mexico, your group can experience the wonders of ancient Mayan Civilization.  Wherever you’re going, there’s a peak experience attending that’s becoming increasingly important to your employees. Experience-based incentive travel offers more than networking and workshops, or just a day at the beach.  It offers an unforgettable cultural experience.

2. Health and wellness.

With the rise of Yoga, incentive travel has been heavily impacted by employee demands for rewards that answer a growing interest in overall wellness. With global revenues set to approach $700 billion in 2017, health and wellness incentives are topping the market in terms of telling employers what their most valuable team members are reaching for. Rock climbing, team-building rooted in philosophical ideas about holistic wellness and stress-reducers like meditation and journaling are all new wrinkles in the world of incentive travel.

3. Charters.

Charter travel offers incentive travel planners a world of new opportunities.  Leap frog the security lines.  Tell your group to put their wallets away on the plane, because it’s all included.  Charters are one of the most enticing of the 5 trends changing incentive travel right now. With access to airports that most carriers don’t have, private charters extend planner reach by opening a world of possibilities conventional carriers can’t offer. With charters, incentive travel groups are treated to a seamless experience – one that starts the moment they board the aircraft.

4. All-inclusives.

All-inclusive resorts have evolved.  They now offer planners a much more streamlined way to plan, with everything required by the incentive travel experience packaged, in a convenient location that allows complete enjoyment by your group in a luxurious setting. With conferencing facilities onsite and food and drink availability 24/7, the all-inclusive is rapidly becoming the incentive travel planner’s best friend.  Participants don’t have to think about anything, so the incentive is complete – they don’t spend a dime. With incredible, round-the-clock service, all-inclusives are making incentive travel so much easier for planners by offering the total package and complete pampering for deserving employees.

5. Tech-supported.

Technology is ubiquitous and that extends to incentive travel.  Social media is a way for participants to share their experience, offering motivation to employees who’d like to get in on incentive travel next time. Apps offer customization never before possible.  With accommodation providers coming to the realization that tech matters, tech-supported incentive travel is becoming an expected feature of the experience. Contact Incentive Travel Group to experience outstanding group incentive travel.

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