A business incentive travel scheme offers an organization a diverse array of benefits including increased sales, enhanced employee satisfaction and loyalty, and can even help a business retain its roster of talents.

One thing is for certain: An incentive scheme is not a magic pill that will instantly provide benefits for an organization. In order to gain maximum utility out of an incentive program, there are a few crucial ingredients that a business organization needs to bring to the table.

Goal setting

As with any company endeavor, setting a goal will keep all participants aligned with the same objective. In an incentive scheme, it is imperative for the organization to identify what would be the key takeaway for program participants.


Plan. And plan early. Ideally, drawing up a plan for an incentive program should be done at least half a year to a full year before the actual implementation. This leeway will depend largely on the size and scope, and in the case of incentive travel, the destination.

During this stage, all the parties involved should perform diligent research. For incentive travel, the emphasis would be on finding a suitable location based on several criteria, including the season when the program will culminate.

Do not forget to draw up a list of tasks that every team member involved has to complete.

Create a management team

Many organizations are opting for shorter trips and choosing destinations which provide all-inclusive packages that have been designed to minimize stress and costs on the part of the client.

But whichever route your organization takes, it is imperative to create a committee which will overlook all the tasks involved. This team will ensure that the goals that have been set are met and that the participants actually enjoy their rewards. Alternatively, the organization can enlist the aid of companies specializing in incentive schemes in order to facilitate the completion of the important tasks involved.

Connect with program winners

Organizations must find the balance between giving program winners the freedom to enjoy their rewards while still making an effort to connect with them.

At the chosen destination, it would be beneficial to provide your employees with suggestions. Also, it is a prudent idea to complement the hotel/destination staff with your organization's team which will oversee the needs of your employees, especially during peak seasons and hours.

An incentive program can be an invaluable tool for helping your organization achieve its goals. As such, it is imperative to look for ways to maximize the program's efficacy.

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