Planning an incentive trip for the winter is a savvy move.  Winter is when motivation can rapidly slide, as people focus on the Holidays.  The dark, cold, short days don’t help, either. A winter incentive trip is just the ticket to get your people moving toward a goal.  The planning process should kick in no later than 3 months out, as you ramp up the excitement and competition for the incentive. Let’s look at 4 incentive trip journeys for winter 2018/2019, to give you an idea of the world of possibilities out there.

1. Kerala, India

This laidback destination on the Malabar Coast on the Southwestern tip of the sub-continent is cooler in the winter, with a natural beauty that bursts forth during this season. Explore mangrove forests, or float down the Alleppey backwaters in a houseboat.  Replete with colorful winter festivals, Kerala offers something for all your deserving top performers.  Your environmentalist team members will revel in a visit to the Western Ghats, home to the huge Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.  What better place than Kerala for such an attraction, as 25% of the 15,000 species of plants found in India are native to this province.

2. Lake Como, Italy

Long before George Clooney started hanging out there, Lake Como was known as a place of extraordinary beauty in a nation overflowing with such marvels. Situated at the foots of the Alps in the Lombardy region, Lake Como is stunning year-round, but there’s a special magic in the air during the winter months.  And when you’re not admiring the natural beauty, choose from numerous ski resorts with slopes for skiers of all skill levels.  With fewer tourists around during the winter months, exploring Lake Como is a relaxing exercise in seeing how the other half lives.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

Famed for its stunning, whimsical architecture, Prague is a destination that will render your travelers speechless. This is the time of year that Czechs turn to boldly-flavored comfort foods and your people won’t have to elbow their way through crowds of tourists to get at them at this time of year.  With winter, your staff also has the opportunity to experience Prague’s outdoor skating rinks, which pop up all over town in celebration of the winter season.

4. New York, New York, USA

Is there any winter destination more inspiring that the Big Apple?  Its sidewalks alive with the city’s people, winter is a beautiful time to visit this most iconic American city.  Marvel at famed monuments like the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building.  Dine on fare created by world class chefs or take in a Broadway show.  There is so much to see and do in New York, your top performers will be hard pressed to narrow down their choices. From the far flung to the close at hand, these are 4 incentive trip journeys for winter 2018/2019 to get your creativity flowing.  With a world so full of amazing destinations, one’s bound to be your perfect fit. Start planning!  Contact ITG.

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