Incentive travel is increasingly becoming the motivator of choice for businesses everywhere.  More US companies are coming aboard every year and devoting more budget than ever to this line item. There are so many great reasons to deploy incentive travel to light fires in the bellies of your key people, but these 3 undeniable reasons to use incentive travel in 2017 are downright compelling.

1. Return on investment.

Wise investment brings dividends and incentive travel is one of the wisest investments any company can make.  With an ROI of $12.50 for every dollar spent, companies who get employees fired up with incentive travel reap enormous dividends. Cash incentives don’t have the same effect.  While everyone loves having a little more money, cash sends a different message.  It also lacks the advantage of creating an experience that employees can share with friends and family.  That’s a key thought to keep in mind as you read on.

2. Experiences last.

The growing “experience economy” is a prime mover in the incentive travel boom.  More and more people value experiences as having intrinsic and lasting value.  The same is true of your employees. Creating travel incentives which offer your people a unique, one-off experience they’ve been dreaming of gets their attention.  Once the incentive has been experienced, employees return to talk to other employees, spreading the incentivizing love throughout your enterprise. An experience is forever.  It remains in the mind and enriches people’s lives.  The effect in your organization is an increase in loyalty and that means reduced turnover and retaining your brightest and best.

3. Solid teams.

Your teams become finely tuned machines when you offer premium incentive travel experiences.  Imagine your people working together to achieve a cherished reward, then experiencing it as a group. The team-building potential is obvious.  Companies who use incentive travel effectively see an increase in productivity of (on average) 44%, according to the Incentive Research Foundation. By giving teams something to work toward and experience as a group, you’re creating solid, cohesive teams who boost your productivity and your bottom line. These are just 3 undeniable reasons to use incentive travel in 2017, a year in which the sector promises further growth.  As companies like yours discover the limitless potential of incentive travel, they’re creating programs that speak to their employees, motivating and inspiring them.

Why Incentive Travel Group?

The professionals at the Incentive Travel Group have been designing premium incentive travel programs for more than 20 years.  We’re leaders in the sector who create inspiring experiences that offer superior ROI and strong motivation for your superstars to shine even more brightly. We’re an outsourced solution that takes incentivization off your plate, offering leading edge logistics, planning and execution with professionals who know their away around the best vendors available. With an eye on your employees’ hopes and dreams, we build incentive travel programs that speak directly to them.  We dig into their bucket lists, pulling out unforgettable experiences, from retreats to team-building excursions. Contact us to source exceptional travel incentives.

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