Whether with colleagues, family or friends, group travel can be challenging at times.  Many people these days are solo travelers, reveling in the thrill of venturing into the great unknown as lone wolves on a mission to experience everything they can. But traveling in a group has its rewards, too.  And there are certain destinations which are meant to be shared.  Any solo traveler will tell you (wistfully) that there have been times they’d wished they’d been traveling with others.  Who’s going to take your picture, otherwise?  Who will you turn to and exclaim, “Wow! It’s even better in person!”? So, we’ve assembled this brief guide to 3 perfect destinations for group travel.  Even lone wolves like a little company now and then.


It’s not the case that travel to Cuba is banned for Americans under the current administration.  There is still ample opportunity to visit, especially as part of a group. While it’s true that some categories of travel have been abolished for US citizens, it’s still possible to go under a category called “Support for the Cuban People”.  Going to Cuba with intention is the way to do it legally and intelligently.  Choosing to stay in a private home (casa particular) and shopping at privately-owned stores (cuentapropistas) are both recognized activities. And while you’re supporting the Cuban people, encounter the warmth and vibrancy of the culture and music.  Cuba is a kaleidoscope and a unique experience that’s a perfect fit for group travel.

Napa Valley, California

While your group may not be the crazed oenophiles of the movie Sideways, a trip to the gorgeous Napa Valley is an adventure into the heart of one of the most famous wine-producing areas in the nation.  Hiking, Cycling and sipping await, as well as stays in luxurious accommodations run by the many vineyards, or in stunning area villas. Nearby Sacramento offers a taste of city of life to add some extra sparkle to your Napa wine adventure.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Called by some the “northernmost city in the Caribbean”, New Orleans is a bubbling cauldron of history, ethnicities and music that fills the city’s streets. Walk in the footsteps of Louis Armstrong, as you discover traditional Jazz, New Orleans style Blues and Funk (all born right here).  Thrill to a second line parade with hundreds of local people every Sunday during the fall, winter and spring.  Or just sit down to a steaming bowl of crawfish etouffee.  The kind of excitement you’ll find here is best shared as part of a group.

Incentive Travel Group

For more than 20 years, ITG has been creating winning incentive programs for companies all over the USA.  We light the fire that gets results with superior incentives realized with logistical precision, offering finely-detailed itineraries that get you to the good stuff. We specialize in group travel of all kinds.  Discover the difference ITG’s experience of the world brings to your travel adventure.  Why go it alone?  Take the gang and plan it with the group travel experts at Incentive Travel Group!

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