Top Signs Your Company Needs to Establish an Effective Employee Travel Incentive Program

With the many challenges businesses today face, many companies are now suffering from low employee motivation and low employee morale. According to a survey done by Accountemps, some of the top reasons for employee morale problems include the following: lack of honest and open communication, micromanagement, failure to recognize employee achievements, fear of job loss, and excessive workload for extended periods.

If you’re a business leader and you feel as if people are merely showing up to do the minimum and collect their pay, then you might want to consider if it’s time to establish an incentives program—particularly, an employee travel incentive program — to fuel your teams’ fire once again.

Here are some tell-tale signs of low employee morale to watch out for:

  • People are merely checking the boxes. They show up and do the least expected requirements. They stop taking initiatives and looking for new or better ways to improve results.

  • Managers simply go through the motions during performance reviews. In leading workspaces today, traditional annual performance reviews are being scrapped, in favor of real-time, continuing feedback exchange.

  • Mistakes are seen everywhere. Poor performance is the most obvious sign of low morale. When too many people are committing too many routine errors, then something needs to be done to stir up their interest, energy and focus to do great work again.

  • They’re playing it safe. Gone are the days when team members are making bold suggestions and asking difficult questions to innovate the system. Now, your brilliant talents have turned into “sheeple” and are merely following instructions.

  • Work becomes robotic and alienated. Your people “live for the weekend” – the rest of the week they’re simply slogging it along. This is a complete opposite of the high performer, who is engaged and takes pride in the pleasures and challenges of labor.

How to motivate and inspire people at work remains to be a much-debated topic. Through the years, there have been many schools of thought and philosophies that all aim to define and understand just what drives employees to be the best at what they do—and, most importantly, how this great work performance can be sustained over time.

What makes travel incentives programs different from common incentive systems is it doesn’t rely on cold, hard cash. Instead, they reward high achievers and boost team and individual motivation by banking on experiences that enrich their spirit and revive their zest for work and life.

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