If the words “internal customers” mean something to you, you’ll understand that your company’s business travelers are precisely that – internal customers. And you need to keep them happy. You need to understand exactly what it is that keeps them happy as they travel on behalf of your company and its goals.  To that end, we’ve created this post.  Let it serve as your guide to measuring traveler happiness. Here we’ll discuss why you should concern yourself with the issue of traveler happiness and clear, actionable steps toward deploying the illumination offered by traveler data analysis.

Getting Travelers On Board

A good first step is to get as many of your employees as possible on board with your travel solution.  While you may believe that’s a given, it’s anything but.  Only 50% of employees use their company’s travel resource. Naturally, the way to get your travelers on board is to find out how they interact with the solution in place?  Are they using it?  How many of them are using it?  What could make it a better solution? Once you have key information in hand, you’re positioned to make key changes that serve your internal customers – your travelers.

Millennials – Changing Everything

The rapid pace of technological change is seeing a tremendous influx of the Millennial cohort into businesses everywhere and that changes everything. When these guys travel, they do it differently.  For one, they’re eager to travel, with many in this demographic saying they wouldn’t consider taking a job which didn’t include the opportunity to travel.  Further, over 1/3 of Millennials prefer boutique accommodations to the chains preferred by older employees. Ask the right questions and do so on a regular basis.  Make a point of intermittently checking in with your travelers to fine-tune your program and its delivery to ensure that all travelers are well served. Your internal customers are traveling for you to help you meet your goals, so making sure your travel solution is working for them is paramount.  And that includes factoring in the Millennial style of travel and playing to it.

The Power of the Survey

In the question of serving your internal customers, the survey is a highly underestimated tool.  When it comes to travel, getting inside the heads of your traveling employees doesn’t end with one survey.  Gleaning insight and data is an ongoing project which acknowledges changing conditions and demographics. At Incentive Travel Group, we’ve been in the business of keeping your internal customers happy for more than 20 years.  We’ve got a handle on the right questions to get to the heart of measuring traveler happiness and deploying smart solutions to enhance it. We make keeping your travelers happy easy, by becoming an extension of your existing human resources, taking the finer points off your plate and putting them on ours.

Getting to Happy

Your traveling employees are leaping tall buildings in a single bound out there.  But getting your travel solution to “happy” is in expert hands with ITG. Ready for happy travelers?  Contact us to get started.

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