A travel coordinator does the heavy logistics lifting.  The person in this role gets your key people where they need to go and organizes meetings and sites to stage them at.  Accommodations, expense statements and managing the critical path are all on the travel coordinator’s plate.  It’s a miracle it all happens with an eye on budget line items.  This multi-faceted role has a plate so full, capacity is stretched to the limit. Incentive Travel Group is an outsourced incentive travel house that builds your capacity, expanding it to extend your organizational reach.  Your travel coordinator has enough to do.  ITG is an outsourced solution that takes some of the pressure off.

A professional incentive travel house.         

A powerful tool to nurture employee motivation, incentive travel is deployed by 74% of US businesses to professionally design, plan and implement incentives as performance boosters.  They know that outsourcing this important motivational tool to professionals like us results in delivery of well-designed incentive programs. But there’s a difference between ITG and other incentive travel houses.  Incentive Travel Group offers program design, coordination and execution that’s derived from leadership vision and in house knowledge.  Our team goes the distance, moving forward with you as you refine your program, while taking the logistics load off. We’re an external supplier, but we perform as an auxiliary complement to existing infrastructure.  Incentive Travel Group designs custom incentive travel programs which inspire excellence, transforming your organizational culture.  Our planning process starts with our team of professional program designers and logistics experts. Our team is your source for an incentive travel program designed to inspire and motivate employees and help you retain key talent.  Sensitive to the needs of your company, we’re focused on building incentives programming around employee interests. Whether they’re interested in a team-building cruise, or a sun-soaked beach retreat in the Caribbean, ITG’s professionals can make it happen. There may be many travel incentive houses in today’s highly active market, but Incentive Travel Group has been around long enough to have the kind of expertise it takes to create a program tailored closely to your organization.

Building new leaders, with ITG.

Excellence begins with talent.  Talent is nurtured by an organizational culture that’s positive and development-oriented. Inspiration and motivation build new leaders.  A professional travel incentive house like ITG delivers programming that helps you create that type of culture. Incentive travel supports your quest for excellence.  A big part of that quest is developing and retaining staff you can’t afford to lose to competitors.  Quality travel incentives transform your corporate culture.  They’re pivotal in creating an environment that nurtures and grows your best and brightest.

ITG, your outsourced solution.

The ITG solution stands and head and shoulders above other incentive travel houses in the market.  Tell us about your incentive travel vision and your goals for organizational transformation.  Tell us how we can support those goals and help you reach them. Let’s talk.  We’re the outsourced travel incentive house that brings you exceptional design, finely-tuned logistics and superior support for building your capacity.

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