Incentive travel does more than simply offer up a reward to your high performing employees. Incentive travel can become a powerful business tool for improving customer acquisition, for boosting sales, and for raising revenues. Best of all, this powerful business tool will end up paying for itself when your organization raises its productivity and when it retains the best employees and clients.

But before you can reap all the benefits of this rewarding program, you need to make sure that it is developed and implemented in a way that maximizes your results.

Here are three recommended incentive travel solutions you can use today.

1. The Program has to become Synonymous with Performance.

Before the increase of client acquisition and the improved profits come in, your employees need to meet performance goals. So you have to design your incentive travel program to reward performance by making the actual reward and the branding reflect this very reason.

You’ll want to make sure that the objectives and goals, the very program structure, and the destination convey the purpose of the incentive travel program.

2. Get Feedback — Know what your Participants will Want.

To design a program that’s going to entice participation, you need to know what your employees will want. This will mean a thorough look at the previous destinations and the corresponding activities involved in those trips.

How was the engagement? Did you see an increase in performance or did it wane after the incentive travel? Have there been new participants in the program? Did the incentive travel incite conversations, online and offline, promoting your company’s program further? What are your participants interested in?

The goal here is to create an amazing experience that is bound to impress your top performers so much that they will work twice as hard in the next year in anticipation of the next remarkable incentive trip.

Get feedback from previous participants. Send out surveys company-wide. Know what will improve participation. And your program will never fail to deliver positive results.

3. Consider Outsourcing the Program instead of Managing it Internally.

Any successful incentive travel program could falter when it isn’t implemented well, reviewed, monitored, and subsequently, improved. But will you or your management team have the time to do all of it?

Don’t let your incentive travel program go to waste. Give it the attention and expertise it requires to deliver the kind of results that will boost business. Look into incentive travel agencies. And watch great changes unfold in your company.

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