It’s takes a certain kind of mentality to succeed in sales.  It’s not for everyone. Sales people are tenacious.  Like dogs with bones, they won’t stop until every objection is answered and the sale is made.  That can take time.  It can mean lunches, dinners, golf, sporting events…they stop at nothing to get that notch on their belts. And that can mean burn out.  Sales people work hard, often eschewing days off in favor of staying at the top of their game and on the leaderboard.  That’s why refreshing your sales team with an incentive travel getaway can succeed where cash rewards don’t. Money for hard work is always appreciated, but it doesn’t really measure up when juxtaposed with a refreshing incentive getaway.

“You’re appreciated”.

When it comes to your sales team, these are three of the most important little words ever spoken.  As we said above, money is always a welcome addition to any bank account.  But feeling appreciated is one of the most motivating factors any employer can throw into the mix when it comes to overworked and underappreciated sales people. Vacation time is great, too.  After working long hours, even on their traditional days off, sales people welcome a chance to put their feet up and relax.  But it doesn’t have the same clout as incentive travel. Refreshing your sales team with an incentive travel getaway is your chance to say, “you’re appreciated”.  It’s a way of publicly acknowledging the work your sales people are doing on your business’s behalf and recognizing the material contribution they make. On top of all that appreciation, they get to go away and put their feet up in style.  Now, that’s a meaningful way of showing your gratitude for their hard work.

Refreshed is re-energized.

A refreshed sales team is a re-energized sales team.  When you offer your sales people the luxury of not having to set aside time to plan a getaway themselves, you’re telling them you know how hard they work.  You’re making it clear that you understand the stress involved in selling your products. How wonderful to have a ticket put in your hand and have nothing to do but pack and head to the airport!  This has got to be a sales person’s fondest dream.  Planning a getaway can be stressful, all on its own.  The logistics, the airport transfers, the hotel selection – why not just stay home? But when you refresh your sales team with an incentive travel getaway, you’re giving it the inestimable gift of having nothing to do with the arrangements – except being the lucky sales whirlwinds who get to go.

Incentive Travel Group.

At ITG, we know how hard your sales team works, because sales is one of the hardest jobs in the world.  We believe in giving these hardworking juggernauts of deal-making a break. We’re an outsourced solution which has been creating quality travel incentives for 2 decades.  With logistical excellence, we can give your sales team a break it won’t soon forget.  Contact us.  

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