Getting the hungriest of sales professionals through your front door and working to sell your product is always a challenge.  Recruitment efforts can shake out a lot of candidates who aren’t really suited to the work.  But it’s all worth it when you find that superstar you need to boost your operation’s sales figures. One way you can get it done is with incentive travel.  Your organization can recruit top salespeople with the best incentive destinations. But the world is always changing, so the list of top destinations shifts accordingly.  With global uncertainty about recent developments in the USA and the rise in terror attacks in locations around the world, travel to some parts of the globe is perceived as dangerous by many. This post will look at some emerging incentive destinations and how they can be used to attract the brightest and best for your sale team.

New horizons.

Iceland is home to not only a unique socio-political reality, but natural beauty unlike any you’ll find elsewhere in the world. While the name of this island nation may put some off, Iceland is on more bucket lists than you may think.  It’s become the focus of international interest and lot of that has to do with exceptional sites like the Blue Lagoon.  Perfect for those seeking adventure in a natural setting that’s different from any place on earth, Iceland is a hot incentive destination right now. Faraway places with strange sounding names are always popular, but that’s true now, more than ever.  Let it be known that you’re an employer who rewards employees with trips to places like the United Arab Emirates and Singapore and watch the lineup of rock star salespeople form, to compete for a place on your team. Vancouver, Canada is also on the radar of incentive travel professionals.  With the Pacific Ocean at its feet and the Coastal Mountain range embracing its green glass glory, Vancouver offers everything from world class dining, to skiing, windsurfing and hiking. Puerto Vallarta beautiful beach sight Rising stars include regions like Asia and South America, including destinations like Kuala Lumpur and Machu Picchu, Peru.  Old favorites like Mexico are also enjoying a great deal of interest, especially the western resort city of Puerto Vallarta.  This jewel on the Pacific has seen record numbers of visitors over the past several years. Recruiting top salespeople with the best incentive destinations means building a solid, strategic incentive program that your employees will share with their networks.  Notoriety can bring people in the door you might not normally get to see. Incentive travel has the power to attract high quality employees who will not only perform, but will stick with you, to keep doing it.

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