Corporate events involve complex logistics.  Potential cracks for critical details to fall into abound.  That makes planning large scale corporate events off the side of someone’s desk risky. At PPS Meetings, we’re the outsourcing solution for corporate events planning.  Your staff is already pushed to the limit.  Our experienced, professional planners take on the complex logistics involved in planning corporate events, executing them with professional precision and razor sharp focus.  We’re the best in the business and our Peak Pros™ are the reason why.

Peak Pro™ precision for corporate events.

The Peak Pros™ at PPS Meetings are your organization’s ticket to seamless, outsourced corporate events planning.  When you work with Peak Pros™, they become extensions of your in-house staff, sticking with you from site selection to registration, presentation prep and speaker scheduling.  Intimate knowledge of regional, national and international vendors and how to manage them sets Peak Pros™ apart. Peak Pros™ are expert negotiators, making sure you get the most bang for your buck for corporate events sitting, attendee meals and room blocks.  Their extensive experience gives them the ability to manage vendors with the kind of professionalism and savvy you expect from your own team.

Bridging the capacity gap, flexibly.

Your team’s capacity, while no doubt legendary, can only be stretched so far.  At PPS Meetings, we bridge the capacity gap.  We work with small to medium-sized businesses, creating efficiently organized and implemented corporate events for from 10 to 500 participants. Our flexible pricing is customized to your match your budget.  Our corporate events process is personalized.  Our professional planners are so engaged with bringing corporate events to life, that they match the tone and tenor of your event and its location to your corporate culture.

Focus on logistics.

Peak Pros™ are skilled corporate events planners with a razor sharp focus on logistics.  Their professionalism is unparalleled because corporate events planning is what Peak Pros™ do.  It’s all they do.  When logistics is your profession and not something you’re doing off the side of your desk, nothing falls between the cracks or off your plate. Peak Pros™ engage in house staff with open communication throughout the corporate events planning process.  Working with your team, they make sure all itinerary changes are incorporated seamlessly. Because they’re pros at what they do, you can count on their effortless, in depth implementation to get attendees to your corporate event and to provide a first class event experience throughout.

Plan your corporate events with the pros at PPS.

Corporate events planning requires expert support.  At PPS Meetings, we offer finely-tuned logistics, personalized service, and seamless implementation.  With PPS, your organization builds its capacity and extends its reach. When you need to ensure that even the smallest detail is attended to, the support of the outsourced corporate events experts at PPS is what you need. Professional corporate events planning support that catches the ball before it hits the ground is what we do, at PPS Meetings. Contact us for a free corporate event consultation.  Discover premium, outsourced corporate events planning with the pros at PPS Meetings.

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